How Much Do NFT Discord Mods Make?

How Much Do Nft Discord Mods Make

If you’ve joined a Discord NFT project community, you must have seen the mods’ roles. While these mods are there to ensure things work as expected, the main question is whether being an NFT Discord mod is a paid job, and if so, how much are these mods paid? By the end of this guide, you will have answers to all your questions. Stick around!

Quick Answer

A Discord mod is a role created by the server admin or owner. Most mods take up the role out of a will to help manage the server to gain experience without getting paid. However, there are a few NFT projects which pay their mods. The payment is mainly between $1,000 – 3,000 monthly. Again, the payment depends on different factors, such as a server’s success and the NFT project involved.

We will focus on understanding who a Discord mod is and what it takes to take up the mod role. Still, we will discuss the salary range of an NFT Discord mod.

Who Is an NFT Discord Mod?

After creating a Discord server, the next thing is to moderate the server to ensure everyone abides by the rules and you create a welcoming environment for everyone. As the server owner, especially for a large NFT project community, it’s impossible to manage the server yourself.

Plenty of activities are involved in the server, such as responding to questions regarding your NFT project. A Discord mod better handles such tasks. A Discord mod is a role created by the admin and assigned to a server member.

The Discord mod enjoys added privileges more than regular server members do. For instance, the moderator can ban members who try to spam others on the server.

Here are the tasks left to the Discord NFT mod.

  • Address all inquiries regarding the NFT project.
  • Kick out members who violate the community rules.
  • Delete spam messages in the community.
  • Engage in worthwhile conversations on the server.
  • Onboard new server members and orient them about the NFT project.
  • Make announcements regarding events and other news.

Ideally, as a Discord NFT mod, your task is to bridge the NFT project owners with the community members. To become an NFT Discord mod, you must be an active and informed community member.

Again, most people volunteer to become Discord mods. Hence, you shouldn’t have the pay mentality and instead focus on the privileges you will get moderating the NFT Discord community.

How Much Do NFT Discord Mods Make?

Discord mods play a huge role in any server, and when handling a big community, such as the NFT Discord community, you may get curious about how much the mods get paid. You must understand that the NFT Discord communities’ liquidity varies.

There are NFT Discord communities with many active members. You can’t compare an NFT project with many members and high liquidity to one that is starting. With that in mind, you can be at ease when discussing the salary range for the Discord mods for these NFT projects.

Here’s the thing, for small NFT Discord communities, many Discord mods are volunteers. Hence, they don’t get paid for the task they do. They, however, enjoy the pride of being a moderator and the added privileges they get compared to other members.

However, the Discord mods are paid for highly liquid and large NFT Discord communities, but the salaries differ. Most Discord mods’ salaries range between $1,000 to $3,000 monthly. You can get Discord mods earning more than this range.

The bottom line is that being a Discord mod is mainly a volunteer task. Nonetheless, if you get a Discord mod for a large and liquid NFT Discord community, they get paid as their job is more demanding.


Being a Discord mod is mainly about the privileges you enjoy from the task. Most Discord mods take up the role of volunteers.

However, some mods handling large Discord NFT communities get paid a salary ranging between $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the size of the NFT Discord community they are handling.

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