Do FaceTime Calls Go Through When Blocked?

Do Facetime Calls Go Through When Blocked

FaceTime is a social platform exclusive to Apple devices.

Users can use it to make audio and video calls, thereby staying connected with friends and family.

Thanks to Spatial Audio in FaceTime, it’s almost as if your recipients are in the room with you.

Like several call apps, FaceTime allows users to block people. Sadly, FaceTime won’t notify you when someone blocks you.

Therefore, people ask, “Do FaceTime calls go through when blocked?”

Quick Answer

Yes, FaceTime calls go through when you are blocked. When someone blocks you and you call them, the phone will ring continuously without an answer, but your recipient won’t see your calls.

When preventing others from having access to you on FaceTime, there are some details you need to know.

Learn all of these aspects in this guide as we give you detailed answers on what happens when someone blocks you and you call them.

What Is FaceTime?

FaceTime is an Apple application that allows users to chat over video or audio on the internet.

You can access FaceTime using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

The app comes preinstalled on all iOS devices and all Mac OS X versions starting with Lion.

Open The Facetime App.

All you need to access FaceTime on ios devices is your Apple ID.

You may register with your email address, but FaceTime automatically registers your phone number on iPhones. Also, It doesn’t support group calls, so you can only communicate with one person.

Conversations on FaceTime are great, and you feel like you can see the person. If you notice your recipient is ignoring you or not picking up your calls, you may think they have blocked you.

So, how do you know that you have been blocked? Do FaceTime calls go through when blocked?

Do FaceTime Calls Go Through When Blocked?

Yes, FaceTime calls go through when you are blocked.

If you have been FaceTiming with a friend and you stop getting any response, it calls for concern. The first thought that comes to most people is whether you have been blocked.

When someone blocks you on FaceTime, the app won’t notify you of such action. Nonetheless, your call to them will ring non-stop without the person picking up.

If you are the one that blocked someone, the call they make to you will ring from their end, but nothing happens from your side. You won’t even know that someone initiates a call, let alone see missed calls notification.

Of course, other instances can make a FaceTime call ring without a break. For example, suppose the person is engaged in other activities. In that case, the call will still go through, and they will see notifications for missed calls.

Similarly, if the recipient’s network is unstable, the call will go through and ring non-stop.

Before you conclude that you’ve been blocked, call the person several times. You can call them for a whole week. If there is no answer, then you might have been blocked.

Also, you can contact them directly through their phone number and connect with them on other social platforms.

How Many Times Does FaceTime Ring When You Are Blocked

Another vital question concerning FaceTime is the number of times the call rings when you are blocked. Knowing this can help you make the next move quickly.

If someone blocks you and you want to FaceTime the person, the FaceTime call will continue ringing non-stop until you are tired and stop the call.

If you have tried to contact them through other means like WhatsApp or phone calls, but there is no answer, you may have to accept that you’ve been blocked.


FaceTime allows Apple users to communicate freely over voice and audio calls.

However, it also permits users to block each other.

If your recipient isn’t responding to your calls, you may wonder if FaceTime calls go through if someone blocks you.

Thankfully, this guide has detailed answers to make the best decision.


Can you text someone who blocked you on FaceTime?

Yes, you can message someone who blocked you on FaceTime. However, you won’t receive an answer because you have also been barred from texting. When you type your message, it will just be there and won’t go through.

Can I message someone on iMessage if they blocked me on FaceTime?

No, you can’t connect with someone on iMessage if they have blocked you on FaceTime. Apple devices aren’t designed to allow blocking on specific apps. Rather, initiating the block button works for all the apps peculiar to Apple devices.

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