How Many Employees Does Discord Have?

How Many Employees Does Discord Have

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat platform. It was initially created for gaming communities to provide a space for users to communicate and coordinate while playing games.

It has expanded to encompass a broader range of communities and interest groups. One of the questions usually asked about it is its number of employees; how many are they?

Quick Answer

As of September 2021, based on publicly available information, Discord had over 1,000 employees worldwide. However, the exact number of employees is private, and the company may have hired additional staff since then.

While the exact number of employees at Discord is not publicly available, it is clear that the company has a large and growing workforce. As Discord expands its user base and offerings, the company will likely continue to hire more staff to support its growth.

We will cover the basic things you need to know about Discord and its number of employees in this article.

What Is Discord and How Many Employees Does It Have?

Discord is a popular communication platform gamers, businesses, and individuals use to create and join communities where they can chat, share files, and voice chat.

The company was founded in 2015 and has increased, attracting millions of users worldwide. Over the years, the app has become a go-to destination for online communities and social events.

Discord has offices in several countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The company has been actively hiring over the past few years, and in 2020, it announced plans to double its workforce to keep up with its growing user base.

Discord’s employees work in various roles, including software engineering, customer support, marketing, design, and business operations.

The company is known for its strong culture, which emphasizes inclusivity, transparency, and teamwork.

Discord offers a wide range of features that make it an attractive platform for various groups, including voice and video chat, file sharing, and integration with other services such as Spotify and Twitch.

Users can also create custom bots and applications to automate various tasks, making the platform highly customizable.

According to publicly available information from September 2021, Discord had around 1,200 employees.

This number may have changed since then depending on various factors, such as hiring or layoffs, changes in business strategy, mergers or acquisitions, or economic conditions.


Discord has a supportive and inclusive community, and users can find communities that align with their interests and hobbies. Whether you’re a gamer, a music fan, or just looking for a new place to chat with friends, Discord is a great choice.

Features of Discord

Discord offers a wealth of features that make it appealing to both severe and casual users, some of which include the following.

Feature #1: Voice Chat Functionality

You can join voice channels to chat with people in real time through their computers or mobile devices.

This can benefit gaming communities, allowing players to communicate and coordinate with each other in real time. 

Feature #2: Robust Text Messaging System

This allows users to send messages to each other individually or in a group.

Messages can be sent in real-time or asynchronous messages, and users can also send images, videos, and other media types.

Feature #3: Highly Integrated

Discord also supports many integrations, allowing users to connect their Discord account to other platforms and services.

For example, users can connect their Discord account to their Steam account to receive notifications about their gaming activity or connect their Discord account to their Twitch account to receive notifications about their streams.

Feature #4: Server-based Structure

A server is a collection of channels that can be organized into categories for easy navigation. Anyone can create servers, and users can join and leave servers at any time.

This structure makes it easy for users to find and join communities of interest to them. It also makes it easy for server administrators to manage and regulate their communities.

Feature #5: Bot Integration

Discord allows bot integration through its API (Application Programming Interface), which provides tools and functions that developers can use to interact with the Discord platform and build their own bots.

The Discord API provides various functionalities bots can use, including sending and receiving messages, managing channels, users, and roles, and even playing audio. 

Bots can be programmed in various programming languages and hosted on various platforms, and the Discord API documentation provides detailed information on how to use its features.


Discord has also faced criticism for its potential use in cyberbullying, harassment, and hate speech. The platform has taken steps to address these issues, including implementing community guidelines and adding moderation tools for server administrators.


Discord is a versatile and feature-rich platform that has become a popular destination for online communities.

As of the latter part of 2021, the company had over a thousand workers, which will likely have increased because of the increased usage of the app. 

The app provides a space for people to connect and socialize with others, but it also has the potential for misuse.

Despite its flaws, Discord remains a valuable tool for those seeking to connect with others online, provided that it is used responsibly and with respect for others.

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