How To Date a Girl on WhatsApp?

How To Date A Girl On Whatsapp

One moment you’re scrolling through your WhatsApp contacts. Suddenly, you see this beauty staring at you. The charm exuding through your phone’s screen makes you want to know more and possibly date her.

But you got to start somewhere. Perhaps WhatsApp? Is it possible to successfully date a lady on WhatsApp?

Quick Answer

It all starts with impressing her and making her smile and feel special. Your first text to her should capture her attention. Once you succeed, go slow and let the conversation flow smoothly. Don’t force her to respond or leave a lot of blue checkmarks on her WhatsApp chat screen. Send random cute texts throughout the day and let her know your intentions. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to date a girl via WhatsApp.

Dating a Girl via WhatsApp

Most of our conversations are happening on WhatsApp. So, it is easy to feel lost if you’re attempting to awe a girl you’d wish to date on WhatsApp.

Here are some of the tips you can use to snug yourself a date. 

 Tip #1: A Breathtaking First Impression 

Start by revamping your profile picture. It’s the first thing she’ll see when you hit her with a “hey” message.

Make sure she can see you. A well-groomed look will do the job. Don’t use your pet’s or a celebrity’s photo. She may think you’re not genuine. 

The first impression doesn’t stop at your profile pic. You’ll also need a unique conversational opener.

Use an in-house joke. You can also compliment her. Don’t overdo it. Make it thoughtful and personal at the same time. It’s good to use a conversation starter that will prompt a response from her.

Tip #2: Be Confident

Girls love a confident guy. Follow up the first impression with a confident version of yourself.

Be yourself. Sometimes it is common to pretend. But girls can notice that. Just have fun when talking to her. The rest will flow. But remember to be courteous. Courtesy and confidence go hand in hand. 

Asking her about the qualities she is looking for in a guy. You can also confidently tell her that you keep thinking of her. Add some sense of mystery by keeping it short. You don’t want to make yourself vulnerable only to face rejection. 

Tip #3: It’s All About Her and Not You

Don’t keep talking about yourself each time. It’s a turn-off. She may end up avoiding you. Ask her questions and let her know that you’d wish to know her deeper. However, avoid personal questions. If she brings it up, then go with the flow. 

You can ask her about her hobbies. It will give you a variety of topics. Respond positively every time she answers a question. Follow it up with other questions.

For example, if she says that her favorite music is Hip Hop, you can reply in this manner – “Wow! I also love Hip Hop. My favorite artist is Chris Brown. Have you listened to his latest album?

Tip #4: Visit Her Socials

Social media platforms house lots of information about people. It is a perfect place to begin if you wish to know more about someone.

So head over to her social media platforms. Note her hobbies, the places she loves visiting, the music she loves listening to, et cetera.  

You can easily center your conversation around her once you know her likes, dislikes, interests, or hobbies.

Randomly compliment her beauty throughout the day. Keep it clean but flirty. She will feel special as you converse with her. Throw in her name as you talk to her. But remember to spell it correctly. 

Tip #5: Find a Common Interest 

Since you already know more about her through her social media platforms, find something you share in common. The common interest will further deepen your conversations with her.  

You’ll find things to discuss or laugh about when you wake up or throughout the day. You could also start a conversation about your day. 

Tip #6: Humor Her

Make her smile after a tough day. But don’t fill her WhatsApp chat screen with dumb jokes. Humor her with funny but thoughtful GIFs and memes. 

Tease her playfully. She needs to see your playful side too.  

Tip #7: Complement Each conversation

You can never undersell compliments. Girls like them because compliments make them feel special and loved.

So follow suit. Dash her lots of compliments but don’t go overboard. Let her know that you noticed something unique about her. It shows that you’re paying attention to her. 

Tip #8: Go Deep Into Your Conversation

Once your conversations become routine, make them deeper. You will get to know more about her. 

You can ask her about her goals or ambitions. She’ll feel that you care. However, don’t force conversations. A slight pause makes you desirable. 

Be keen and note how she replies to your texts. If she seems off or moody, get to know what happened. She needs to understand that you are there for her when she has a problem.

Try to impress her by suggesting a solution. Call her instead of texting.  

Last Thoughts

You’re lucky you got her number. Take advantage of WhatsApp and create a lasting impression on her. Sadly, it’s hard to keep a lady thrilled when the chats or calls become routine. 

The goal, in this case, is to keep her smiling even though she can’t see you in person. A compliment, humor, or teasing will do the trick. Ensure she sees your sincerity through your text to keep her yearning for more from you.   

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