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How Can You Tell if Your Messenger Is Hacked?

How Can You Tell If Your Messenger Is Hacked

Cases of different user accounts getting hacked are not new. We’ve heard of scenarios where users have reported that their Facebook and Messenger accounts have been hacked.

The hacker has controlled their account to perform malicious activities, such as spamming their friends. We will guide you if you want to understand how you can tell your Messenger has been hacked.

Quick Answer

The obvious sign that your Messenger has been hacked is when you see messages shared on your Messenger account that you don’t remember sending. If your friends call you inquiring about spamming links or messages you sent via Messenger – someone accessed your account. Moreover, if you check the connected users and find unrecognized devices, your Messenger has been hacked. In the worst case, you’ve been hacked if you try to access your Messenger or Facebook and can’t log in.

We will discuss what it takes for Messenger to be hacked. Still, we will understand the various signs you can use to verify if your Messenger has been hacked. Lastly, we will discuss the steps to take when your Messenger account has been hacked.

Can Messenger Be Hacked?

Yes, it can. Hackers only need a motive, time, and skills to plan and stage their attack. In the case of Messenger, someone can hack it provided they can exploit vulnerabilities.

The easiest way for someone to hack Messenger is by gaining access to your Facebook account credentials. When they do, they can use the credentials to sign in for Messenger on their device. Besides, when someone hacks into a Facebook account, they ultimately have access to Messenger and can do all sorts of damage.

Some users have been victims of attacks jeopardizing their relations and reputations. In some worst cases, users have reported their account being hacked and the hacker exploiting their Messenger friends for financial favor without the owner’s consent.

How Can You Tell if Your Messenger Is Hacked?

Hearing cases of other Messenger users getting hacked can send cold chills when you don’t know the signs of a hacked Messenger account.

Before you enter panic mode, we will help you understand how to tell if your Messenger has been hacked. Here are the common signs of a hacked Messenger account.

Changed Credentials

It’s unfortunate and terrifying when you try to log in to your Messenger only to get an error that you’ve entered the wrong credentials. It worsens when you confirm the password and still get the error blocking you from accessing Messenger.

If you experience such a situation, someone has taken over your Facebook account and changed the credentials to kick you out of your account.

Strange Messages

When you open your Messenger and find strange messages have been sent to people you actually didn’t send. This signals that someone controls your account and is sending these messages to compromise your account.

Strange Facebook Stories and Posts

Any post or Facebook Story you upload is available on your Messenger, and you can’t miss to recognize it. However, if you discover some strange posts you didn’t upload, your account is hacked.

In most cases, the hacker will share posts that advertise strange things unrelated to your personality.

Your Profile Has Changed

If suddenly you realize your profile has changed and you are not responsible for the profile change, someone has hacked your account and changed the profile behind your back.

Your Friends Are Complaining

Sometimes, you may get calls from your friends complaining about your actions. If your account has been hacked and the attacker has exploited or shared spamming links and posts with your friends, they will call complaining.

Unrecognized Devices

On Your Messenger profile page, you can see the connected devices under the section for “Where you’re logged in.” If you see unrecognized devices, it’s a sign that your Messenger is hacked.

What To Do When Messenger Is Hacked?

If you’ve verified that your Messenger is hacked, your next steps should be to try to secure the account and regain access. Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Quickly change your Facebook Messenger password. Change Your Facebook Messenger Password.
  2. Log in to Messenger and log out of all your active sessions. Log Out Of All Your Active Sessions.
  3. Report the case to Facebook and have them help you recover the account. Report The Case To Facebook
  4. Inform your friends about the situation.
  5. Forget your password and reset it to a stronger password. Forget Your Password And Reset It
  6. Enable two-factor authentication for your Messenger. Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Your Messenger.


Messenger getting hacked is sad news. We’ve discussed signs that your Messenger is hacked and given the steps to take to secure and regain your account. That’s it!

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