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How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Have TikTok?

How To Convince Your Parent To Let You Have Tiktok

So your parents won’t let you have TikTok, and you’re looking for ways to convince them. Perhaps you’ve got strict, conservative parents who don’t think TikTok suits you.

You’re feeling sad, frustrated, and left out, as most of your friends have TikTok. But what can you do?

Quick Answer

You need to dissolve any fears and concerns they might have about the app and its influence on you. It’s also about making them believe that they can trust you to use the app responsibly. 

While you may feel that your parents are slightly too extreme for not allowing you to use TikTok, it’s essential to understand their reasons. Rather than feeling frustrated and giving them an attitude, there are ways you can reach an agreement. 

Keep reading this article to find out why your parents might not want you to have TikTok and what you can do to make them change their minds.

Why Your Parents Won’t Let You Have TikTok?

Maybe you’ve been a good kid lately, got your grades up, kept your room clean, and done all you could think of to please your parents so they could let you open a TikTok account, all to no avail.

You probably don’t want to hear this, but there might be several reasons they keep saying no, and these reasons might even be justifiable.

Whatever their reasons, it’s essential to understand them, as this might be the key to getting your TikTok account approved.

Below are some reasons why some parents won’t allow their kids to use TikTok:

  • They believe TikTok contains content that is inappropriate for teenagers.
  • You are below thirteen.
  • They don’t understand how TikTok works.
  • They fear your exposure to strangers who may have bad intentions.
  • They fear you might develop an addiction and use the app for longer periods than usual.
  • They believe TikTok can negatively influence your personality and behavior.
  • They feel TikTok impacts no positive value.
  • They fear you might suffer from depression, anxiety, and low-self esteem.
Social Media on Our Health

A survey revealed that social media increases depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem in kids.

The above reasons and many more are why some parents kick against their kids having a TikTok account, especially teenagers.

Notwithstanding, there are subtle ways to change conservative parents’ perspectives and get them to grant your request to join TikTok.

How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Have TikTok?

If you’ve already tried so hard to convince your parents to let you use TikTok but all to no avail, it’s time to use a different approach. Below are some ways you can persuade your parents.

Give Them Control of Your TikTok Account

All parents love to be in control of their kid’s life. Not because they’re power hungry and want you to do their every bidding. Instead, it’s because that’s the only way they know how to keep you safe and on the right path in life. 

So, it’s only natural that they want to control the different factors that could impact your social life. Therefore, when it comes to convincing them to let you have TikTok, you can let them know they’ll be in control.

How? Tell them you’ll create and use the account on their phones. It will give your parents peace knowing they can track your activities on the app. It’s also a way to get them to see that TikTok isn’t as bad as they think.

You can soothe their concerns and convince them to agree to your request by giving them authority over how you’ll use your TikTok account.

Be Transparent With Your TikTok Account

Being transparent is similar to giving your parents control, but this time, you will use the account on your phone. You could work on agreeable terms with your parents, such as:

  • Allowing them to review your content before you post them.
  • Showing them your activities on your account at the end of each day.
  • Allowing them to follow your account so they can see everything you post.
  • Sharing your username and password with them.

These are some ways to convince your parents that you have no bad intentions for joining TikTok so they can allow you to have a TikTok account.

Let Them Know Why You Want To Be on TikTok

Your parents may be interested in your desire to be on TikTok if you have a compelling reason. You could want to create content to share your passion and talent with the world.

However, simply saying you want to be on TikTok because all your friends are on TikTok or because you want to be famous might not be enough to convince them. 

So, take some time and think of why you want to be on TikTok before discussing it with your parents.

Tell Them About the Parental Control Features on TikTok

Your parents could be saying no to you joining TikTok because of the risk of exposure and other negative impacts of social media. 

However, if you can educate them about the different parental control settings available on the app, you could convince them to let you have a TikTok account.

For instance, TikTok has several parental control features that allow parents to set limited screen hours on their kids’ TikTok accounts and restrict the type of content their kids consume, among other things.

TikTok also offers the option to set up a private account so you can decide who follows your account, sees your content, and comments on your videos.

These are various ways to assure your parents they can keep you safe on TikTok if they let you have an account.

Be Willing To Strike a Deal With Your Parents

Chances are that there are certain things your parents have been asking you to do all this while, but you haven’t done. They could’ve been asking you to get your grades up, help out around the house, behave more responsibly, etc. 

Make them see that you are willing to do these things to join TikTok. Whatever conditions they give you, make sure you’re willing to fulfill your commitment so your parents can fulfill theirs and grant your request to join TikTok.


Your parents could have genuine reasons for not wanting you to have TikTok. This decision is often from a place of love and having your best interest at heart.   

However, if you have a  strong reason for wanting to be on TikTok, you can persuade them to let you have TikTok by easing any concerns they may have about it and earning their trust. 


What is the youngest age to get on TikTok?

TikTok requires users to be at least 13 years old to create an account and access other features on the app.

Why do parents not allow TikTok?

Most parents are skeptical about their kids joining TikTok because some of the audio and visual content on the app is uncensored and unsuitable for children.

Fortunately, the app offers several parental control features that can allow them to filter what and who their kids interact with on the app.

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