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Why Is Reddit So Slow?

Why Is Reddit So Slow

Forget Quora for now.

Reddit is gaining immense traction and currently has about 52 million active users daily.

As a discussion website, you can find answers to almost anything on the platform.

But why is Reddit so slow lately?

Quick Answer

In the ever-developing world, the speed of the Internet gets faster regularly. This allows sites to load more data in the same or less time. The main reason that Reddit is slow for you might be your Internet connection. If you are sure your connection to the Internet is fast, the slowness might also be due to the slow device or outdated app, uncleaned cache, or server errors on Reddit’s side.

The discussion forum allows you to post images, links, and videos, be part of many communities and join discussions. In an era with fast Internet, the last thing you want is an app or site that loads slowly.

Do you think this will affect Reddit’s overall performance if unresolved?

Besides the new user interface and slow Internet, other issues could be causing Reddit to lag. Keep reading to know other possible reasons for the slow loading of the app or website.

Reason #1: Internet Connection

The Edge (E) internet speed was the fastest almost a decade ago. 5G is now the real deal for cellular Internet. If using Wi-Fi with high download and upload speeds with minimal or no downtimes, your Reddit shouldn’t lag.

However, in most developed countries, internet connection hiccups are almost unnoticeable. Third-world countries are also improving their networks. You might notice slight lagging if you share the Wi-Fi connection with several people.

Sharing Wi-Fi when using heavy-consuming devices is known to lower the internet speed. Load another site simultaneously with Reddit to confirm if your internet speed is the reason.

Your internet connection might not be the issue if the other website loads faster. However, you can check your speed on reliable speed test websites.

Reason #2: Device

The device you use to access Reddit might be causing the website or app to lag.

Whether it is a PC or smartphone, ensure it is fast.

Try opening other apps and sites to confirm if they are also loading slowly.

Be on the lookout for phone and computer updates.

You must use the latest software version to improve your device’s speed.

Reason #3: Increased Traffic

Some days we see Reddit’s server more overcrowded than others.

An increase in daily users means more traffic causing you to experience a lag.

Once the Reddit server is overloaded, its users get slow responses. The worst scenario is crashing.

The website and server’s downtime stays for that day and normalizes again.

It could answer your predicament as to why Reddit is so slow.

Reason #4: Reddit Version

Some Reddit users claim that the previous version causes lags and slow responses.

Others insist that the updated version is the problem.

Try the new one if you have an old Reddit version and are experiencing lags.

New version users also having issues with slow responses might try the old version to see if they work.

Reason #5: Uncleaned Cache

I am a victim of this – and I must agree that I hardly remember to clear my cache. I can go for months!

Cache memory could be the reason for slow websites.

The memory stores tons of information from sites you visit, including pictures, icons, data, and entire web pages.

Sometimes, your cache memory reaches its limit, which could be the reason for the slow Reddit loading time.

Clearing your cache as often as possible helps cut the site or app’s loading time.

Reason #6: Server Problems

Reddit is a massive website without a cloud backup service.

There is hardly a recovery plan if it experiences a server breakdown or outage. The app or site will have a lot of lags and downtimes until the issue is fixed.

If it has extensive damage, Reddit fails to load.

Most reputable websites have cloud backups to help load when the primary one crashes. This maintains steady traffic.

How To Fix Slow Reddit

There are several ways to try and fix the issue of lags when using Reddit. This section explains possible solutions to the reasons mentioned above.

However, they don’t guarantee to correct the problem. But there isn’t any harm in trying.

Fix #1: Update the Application and Device

Update The Reddit Application

You might have to install the latest version of your device software to help it work faster. If there are no software updates, you might factory reset your gadgets. But before that, back up any important files to avoid losing them.

Ensure that the version of the application you are using is compatible with your device and meets its requirements. Even after updating the app’s current version, you might experience lags here and there.

It is common with Reddit’s newest version. You might need to wait longer for another update to fix bugs causing a slowdown.

Fix #2: Clear Cache Often

Clear Cache Reddit

Increased cache memory is one of the problems for the slow loading of the Reddit app or site. Always clear your cache, cookies, and data often.

Try accessing the Reddit app to see if this resolves the issue. Sometimes, it might not completely solve the problem. However, it slightly boosts your internet speed.


A heavily loaded cache memory slows down all applications on your device. Erasing unnecessary data, cookies, and cache improves the overall performance of your device.

Fix #3: Shift to a Different Browser

Many are die-hard users of Chrome. However, there are multiple browsers that you can try in case your current one gives frequent lags.

Some Reddit users swear by the Edge browser. They say it works faster than Chrome.

Others live by the contrary. I tend to think the device in use impacts this. Regardless, the option is worth trying. Change the browser to see if it works.

Fix #4: Patience Pays

Did you expect this? I know that the rapid development in technology is making gadgets work faster. It is a good thing, and we love it! However, this has made most of us impatient. We can’t wait a minute for a page to load.

Sometimes, the problem could be Reddit itself. It might be a server issue, or developers are installing a new update.

The only solution here is to wait for any announcements. If you badly need to access the content you love, you could try similar platforms.

Fix #5: Check Your Wi-Fi or Cellular Data

Check Your Internet

Of course, you shouldn’t be shocked by this! The world is developing at a somewhat faster rate, and so is technology.

Internet speeds are better and quicker than before. Since companies are trying to keep themselves apart from the competition, they constantly deliver to clients.

However, some hitches and glitches in tech can make your Wi-Fi or cellular data slower. Try switching off your Wi-Fi router and wait two or three minutes before switching it on.

If this doesn’t help, switch it off, unplug from the electricity source, and wait a while. Tech buddies say this helps clear excess energy, and your Wi-Fi should work after re-plugging.

If the two don’t work, reach your service provider to confirm if there is ongoing maintenance.

Turn it off and on for cellular data to see if it works. Suppose it doesn’t try rebooting or restarting your device.

Sometimes, it is as simple as moving closer to the router’s room. If this solves the issue, get a Wi-Fi extender to improve internet coverage in all rooms.

Wrap Up

It gets frustrating each time you wait for Reddit threads to load.

While the problem might be on your end, it sometimes could result from Reddit’s activities.

Frequently update your devices and apps to minimize lags.

If you have been like me, not clearing cache and cookies often, this might be a sign to turn over a new leaf.

But if the issue is Reddit’s servers or bugs, waiting is the only solution.

If the problem badly affects you, try other websites like Voat and Quora. 

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