Why Is My YouTube Quality So Bad?

Why Is My Youtube Quality So Bad

It is annoying whenever you are viewing a video on YouTube only for it to display with poor quality. When the video quality is bad, you will have a distorted video, which may affect your view, causing you to have a hard time viewing its content.

Why does YouTube show the video with this poor quality? How can this be fixed? We will aim to answer these two questions by the end of this post.

Quick Answer

When you notice the bad YouTube video quality, the first cause is a weak internet connection. When YouTube detects you have a weak internet connection, it will lower the video’s quality. Still, if the video has been recently uploaded, its quality may be bad as the HD version is yet to be uploaded. The video will appear distorted if the current video quality is set to low resolution, such as any resolution below 480p.

This post discusses why your YouTube quality is bad. We will explain the different causes of the problem. Afterward, we will see different approaches you can take to fix this problem.

Why Is My YouTube Quality So Bad?

When you open YouTube and search for a video you wish to view, it gets disappointing when you open the video only to see it displayed with bad quality.

This bad quality hinders how well you interact with the video. Everyone hopes to get a clear video, but that’s not always true.

Sometimes, we may run into a case where the video quality appears so bad, and unless you understand the cause, finding a solution for the problem will become difficult.

If you are facing this problem, we got your back. We understand what causes this problem. The common causes include the following.

Weak Internet Connection

Your internet strength is key in determining the quality of your YouTube video. So, if you access your YouTube video yet have a weak internet connection, YouTube will default to using the lowest video quality. In that case, you will have a distorted video.

However, you will have better video quality when you fix your internet connection and get a high download and upload speed. How blurry or clear your YouTube video is, depends on the quality of your internet connection.

A Recently Uploaded Video

When you access a recently uploaded YouTube video, its quality won’t be HD. YouTube first uploads a blurry version of the video before it uploads its HD version.

So, if you notice you are getting bad quality on a given video, it could be the recently uploaded video. You can wait for around half an hour before viewing the video.

At that time, YouTube will have uploaded the HD version of the video, and you won’t face the error of bad quality.

Low Video Quality Setting

YouTube has a settings option that lets you adjust different elements of your viewing video. So, if your video looks blurry, it could be because the playback resolution currently set for the video is low.

When you access the video, click the gear icon at the bottom to see the currently set resolution. Anything below 480p will mean your video will appear blurry.

Again, if the resolution is set to “Auto” and you have a weak internet connection, the resolution will automatically be set to the lowest resolution.

How To Fix Bad Video Quality on YouTube

Having to face bad video quality is annoying, especially when trying to watch your favorite show on YouTube. Luckily, you don’t have to put up with this bad quality.

There is a way to fix this and hopefully enjoy a better video streaming experience. Try the below fixes.

Fix Your Internet Connection

Fixing the slow internet speed will help in obtaining better video quality. So, consider restarting your router to enhance the connection. Still, if you use cellular data, consider switching to a higher generation, such as 4G or 5G.

Still, you can contact your ISP and have them check why you have a slow internet speed.

Increase the Video Resolution

When the video quality is low, you can adjust it to enhance its clarity.

  1. Click the settings icon at the bottom of the YouTube video you are playing.
  2. Adjust the resolution to a higher resolution, such as 720P or higher.

That way, you will have a clear video.

Use Wired Connection

If you are using Wi-Fi, consider connecting the network using an ethernet. A wired connection is faster than a wireless. Hopefully, you will get better video quality.

Stop Other Apps and Activities

If you have other apps draining the internet, stop them. Still, if you have an active download, pause it to concentrate more bandwidth on YouTube. That way, you will get a better streaming experience.


That’s it. Having bad video quality on YouTube is undesired. We’ve seen what causes this and the different ways of fixing this problem.

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