Why Is My Number Banned on Telegram?

Why Is My Number Banned On Telegram

Telegram respects its users and goes the extra mile to protect them and their data. To protect users on the platform, Telegram has various privacy policies that users must adhere to.

If you violate the various policies at any point, you risk your account or phone number getting banned. When that happens, you will get locked out of your account, or most features won’t be operational.

Quick Answer

If your phone number is banned on Telegram, it means you violated the terms of service of Telegram. Common causes include sharing of nudity and sexual content using your account, hate speech, harassment, spreading false information, facilitating cyber-attacks, spreading illegal activities, etc. If someone had created their Telegram account using your number, you could still get the ban when trying to use your number.

Today’s post covers the causes of your phone number getting banned on Telegram. We will present the possible causes and offer solutions for fixing the error, including how to appeal to Telegram to get your account unbanned.

Why Is My Number Banned on Telegram?

Are you getting the “This phone number is banned” error when using Telegram? The message implies your phone number is banned on Telegram.

You can also get the same error when creating a new account, especially if someone used your number to make a Telegram group. In such a case, the other person must have violated Telegram’s terms of service and received a ban.

If you were using your Telegram account and suddenly noticed that your phone number was banned, you must have violated a Telegram policy triggering the ban.

Any account that violates the privacy policy or the user agreement risks getting the account getting banned. Below are the possible explanations for why your number is banned on Telegram.

Reason #1: Sharing Sexual Content and Nudity

Telegram is a secure platform, but that doesn’t mean you should misuse the account to promote sharing of nudes or other sexual content. If your account gets flagged for sharing explicit content, it can be banned, including your number from Telegram.

Reason #2: Reported for Harassment

Telegram doesn’t tolerate accounts that bully, threaten, or harass others. Telegram will investigate the claim if someone reports your number that you are harassing them. If you are found guilty, your phone number will get banned.

Reason #3: Using Hate Speech

Spreading hate speech and false information is not allowed on Telegram. Therefore, if you get reported or flagged for hate speech, you risk your phone number getting banned.

Reason #4: Facilitating Cyberattacks

On Telegram, you shouldn’t create an account to promote hacking others or selling tools that aid in hacking other people. Doing so can make Telegram ban your account and phone number.

Reason #5: Illegal Activities

It will get banned if your phone number is linked to an account that advocates illegal activities, such as drug sales, self-harm, etc. This scenario occurs when someone registers their Telegram account using your phone number.

When you try creating a new account using your number, you will get notified that your phone number is banned.

What To Do When Your Number Gets Banned on Telegram?

It can get frustrating when your phone number gets banned on Telegram. If the ban message displays a “Help” option, click on it and submit your claim to Telegram for them to unban your number.

If you can’t find their email in the help option, send your claim to “[email protected] or “[email protected].”

Ensure you explain that you’ve not violated any terms of service to make your account get banned. Telegram will investigate the matter and give a response soonest.

Email Telegram When Number Gets Banned

Also, you can check Telegram on Twitter and message them regarding your problem. If the issue arises when creating a Telegram account, consider using a different phone number that has not been banned by Telegram.

If you suspect the ban is justified based on the activities you’ve performed on your account, consider waiting for the ban period to end.

Hopefully, you’ve learned why Telegram has banned your phone number and will avoid getting banned again.


Telegram banning phone numbers is not a new thing.

We’ve discussed reasons why Telegram bans phone numbers.

Also, we’ve mentioned various options to try to get your phone number unbanned on Telegram.

With that, you know how to stay safe on Telegram to avoid getting banned again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my number banned on Telegram?

Telegram bans a phone number associated with an account that violates its terms of use and privacy policies. You could have shared sexual content, hate speech, harassment, or promoted illegal activities using an account registered with your number.

How long does Telegram ban phone numbers?

The ban period depends on the intensity of the offense. You will find the ban period mentioned in the ban message.

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