Why Doesn’t He Want to FaceTime Me?

Why Doesn't He Want To Facetime Me

As time goes by, more people are embracing video call platforms such as FaceTime as an avenue to talk to their love interests and family members.

But at the same time, not everyone has caught onto the hype, considering some still prefer other forms of communication.

Therefore, if you and the guy you are interested in are on different sides of the matter, it’s normal to be left questioning your status in their life.

So, why doesn’t he want to FaceTime you?

Quick Answer

If a guy doesn’t want to FaceTime you, it might be because of numerous reasons, such as he has multiple partners. You made him upset. They don’t have an iOS device. He doesn’t like you, and so forth.

This post details several reasons your love interest isn’t interested in FaceTiming you. Stick around to learn more!

Reasons Why He Doesn’t Want to FaceTime You

There can be many different reasons why your crush or boyfriend doesn’t want to FaceTime with you.

Let’s see what are the possible reasons for this kind of behavior.

Reason #1: They Are Preoccupied

Some people have demanding jobs or are going through time-consuming activities in their daily life, say opening a business.

Therefore, because only a few people are good at multitasking, or rather, some people like to deal with one thing at a time, the person might need to be more invested in other things to make time for FaceTime.

Reason #2: He Is Shy

FaceTime calls are great because they are pretty engaging, and you feel as if you are close to the person.

While such a setting might be ideal for you, that is only the case for a select few.

Some people prefer to text or meet up in person instead of FaceTime calls because they are shy.

It would be best to wait for him to get comfortable enough to hop on FaceTime with you.

Reason #3: The Guy Isn’t Interested in You

As disheartening as it is to hear, there is a high chance that the guy who keeps declining your FaceTime calls is not interested in you.

And even if they are, they are less invested in the relationship than you are.

Therefore, they find FaceTiming a waste of time or want to pass the message of their disinterest to you indirectly.

Consider taking the hint or outright asking him where he stands in this scenario.

Reason #4: They Are Catfish

If the guy is great at texting and regular calls but they decline every time you bring up FaceTime, they might be a catfish.

This is common for people you meet on social media or dating sites.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to investigate whether the guy is who they say they are before you get too invested.

Reason #5: He Prefers Other Forms of Communication

While you might prefer FaceTime calls, your crush could prefer otherwise.

For starters, FaceTime calls put you in the spotlight, considering you have to think of a response to the other person’s questions in record time.

Some people don’t like to be in such situations because they want to think things through before speaking out, making the FaceTime call full of awkward silences.

Reason #6: You Are Too Clingy

If you two keep texting and calling all the time, and you would still like to FaceTime, chances are the other person is overwhelmed with the interactions.

Texting is relatively convenient because it only takes a few seconds each time; however, FaceTime could be where they think you are pushing it too far as it requires more effort.

Therefore, consider giving the person some space and then bring up the FaceTime topic later to assess their reaction.

Reason #7: He Finds FaceTime Conversations Pointless

Most women are in the habit of calling/FaceTiming with their friends and loved ones even when there is nothing substantial to talk about.

In such situations, they feel closer to the person they are calling, more like they are spending valuable time together.

While this might be enjoyable for some people, your love interest might consider it a waste of time.

They may instead prefer to solve more pressing issues in their life than chat away with you aimlessly.

Reason #8: He Doesn’t Own an iPhone

iPhones are more of a status symbol and many associate iPhones with wealth. While that statement is far from the truth, some people are still deeply rooted in the abovementioned belief.

Considering the FaceTime feature is only available for iPhone users, your love interest might not be able to accept FaceTime because they don’t own an iPhone.

And they don’t want to tell you because they assume that you would think less of them for not being an iOS user.

Reason #9: He Is Cheating on You

Sadly, the person you are deeply in love with could be juggling multiple partners.

One indication of this is if they have yet to accept FaceTime, but they are always available for texting and meeting in person.

This is because while they are at home or away from you, they are with the other person, and it will be inconvenient to try FaceTime without being caught.

Reason #10: The Other Person Doesn’t Know You Think Highly of FaceTiming

While you might be overthinking why the guy doesn’t agree to FaceTime, they might not have given the matter further thought.

They could be busy with something else whenever you bring the issue up or are not in the mood to FaceTime.

Therefore, try and make your concerns known, and you might find out that it’s just an overthinking issue and there is nothing to worry about.

Reason #11: He Prefers To Use His Phone for Other Things

Often, FaceTime calls require both participants to give their full attention.

This might be an inconvenience to the guy because they would prefer to use their phone for other things, say, answering calls from their business partners or hopping on other meetings.

Therefore, if they FaceTime you whenever you please, they might be sacrificing too much time they can’t afford to or simply don’t want to sacrifice.

Reason #12: You Made Him Upset

Assuming your love interest used to FaceTime you but is not anymore, it might be something you did or said that upset them.

Some people are bad communicators and expect you to decipher and apologize when you do them wrong instead of telling you what they are upset about.


FaceTime calls are an integral part of communication in our current generation.

Therefore, it’s common to need clarification when your love interest never wants to FaceTime you.

Hopefully, this post above gives you some insight into why it might be so.

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