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Why Does My Snapchat Keep Closing?

Why Does My Snapchat Keep Closing

It is frustrating when Snapchat crashes and keeps closing. It gets worse when you are in the middle of sending a snap to your friend, then Snapchat randomly freezes and closes. Are you having trouble with your Snapchat? Many people have reported experiencing problems with Snapchat randomly closing, and their frustrations require a solution, covered in this article.

Quick Answer

The main reason for Snapchat crashing is due to cache errors. Still, there could be an outage with Snapchat’s servers, or your Snapchat version is outdated or has a bug. Other reasons include using VPN, a slow internet connection, and glitches with the Snapchat app. Understanding the exact cause of the Snapchat error can be challenging, but we will guide you.

This guide begins by discussing why your Snapchat keeps closing. Next, we will present several fixes to help solve the error causing your Snapchat to keep closing. It’s time you ended the frustrations that arise when Snapchat keeps closing.

Why Does My Snapchat Keep Closing?

Snapchat is designed as a platform where people can share messages and photos, which disappear after viewing. You can connect with your Snapchat friends and enjoy snapping all day. The problem comes in when Snapchat starts to crash and close randomly.

When you start facing these troubles, you need a quick fix to ensure they don’t kill your vibe and disconnect your snapping moments. Below are common causes for your Snapchat problems.

Snapchat Cache Error

Cache helps apps increase their performance. However, if your Snapchat cache is corrupted or overloaded, it may trigger problems with your Snapchat app.

Outdated Snapchat Version

If you are using an outdated Snapchat version, it could be Snapchat doesn’t offer support for your version. In that case, any bugs or issues with the outdated version have no patches. So, if you’ve never updated your Snapchat, the older version you use could cause frustration.

A Software Bug

When Snapchat has a bug, it may keep crashing and closing unexpectedly. Bugs are common with most apps, and Snapchat is no exception. It could be a mistake during development or an issue with your version of Snapchat.

Poor Internet Connection

If your internet connection via cellular data or Wi-Fi is unstable or weak, Snapchat won’t function properly. Snapchat relies on the internet connection for you to share snaps and access its features. Therefore, when you have an unstable connection, expect to encounter issues with your Snapchat.

Using VPN

VPNs are used when you want to mask your actual location. The drawback is that a VPN can throttle your network, causing your Snapchat app to be unable to connect to the server. In that case, the VPN will hinder the normal function of your Snapchat and can make it keep closing.

Snapchat Server Downtime

Sometimes, Snapchat could be experiencing an issue with its servers, making them inaccessible to end users. When Snapchat cannot reach its servers, all its operations get hindered and can cause the app’s unexpected crashing and random closing.

Technical Glitches With the App

Like any other app, Snapchat may encounter minor technical glitches causing it to behave unexpectedly. It could be the app is freezing or unable to sync data properly, causing it to keep crashing and closing. Technical glitches can be due to low processing or your phone’s low memory allocated to all running apps.

How To Fix the Snapchat Keeps Closing Error

We’ve seen the main causes of your Snapchat keeps closing error. Let’s check the below fixes and see which works for your case.

Update Snapchat

The outdated Snapchat version and bug issue require you to update your Snapchat app on iOS or Android. The best part about updating your app is that the latest releases offer fixes for bugs, and you get to enjoy the newest features.

To update Snapchat on iOS:

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Click on Updates and go to the automatic updates section.
  3. Locate Snapchat and if it has an available update, click the Update button.

To update Snapchat on Android:

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Tap the search field and search for Snapchat.
  3. If an update is available, click the Update button.

Restart Snapchat

To fix technical glitches with the Snapchat app, close or force stop Snapchat. Once that is done, you can tap on the Snapchat app from your home screen and open it again. Doing so helps refresh the app and can aid in resolving the error causing Snapchat to keep closing.

Check Your Connection

Snapchat relies on an internet connection for it to perform as expected. So, check your data subscription or confirm that your Wi-Fi connection is working. If not, troubleshoot the network or switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data, then try using Snapchat and see if that fixes the error.

Clear Cache

If your Snapchat keeps crashing before it closes, we need to clear its cache, as it may be corrupted. Use the steps below.

  1. Open Snapchat on Android or iOS.
  2. Click on your profile icon.
  3. Tap the settings gear icon.
  4. Under the Account actions section, click on the Clear cache option.
  5. Confirm your action.

With the cache cleared, your Snapchat should start functioning properly.

Disable VPN

If you’ve connected your phone to a VPN, consider disabling the VPN when using Snapchat and see how that works in fixing your Snapchat problem. Hopefully, by disabling the VPN, you’ve removed the interference affecting your phone, and Snapchat can now function as expected.


Many people have had a rough time using Snapchat, especially when it keeps closing. Luckily, we have covered the various causes of this problem and presented different solutions to help resolve the error. Hopefully, one of the discussed solutions worked for your case, and you can now enjoy using Snapchat to the maximum.

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