Why Does My Ex Keep Changing His WhatsApp Picture?

Why Does My Ex Keep Changing His Whatsapp Picture

You might have had a breakup with someone at some point, but you still have his number.

When you stalk him, it can get confusing when he changes his WhatsApp picture.

Is he trying to get your attention? Or maybe he has already moved on?

When you encounter a case where you are unsure why your ex keeps changing his WhatsApp picture, worry less, as this guide will help you understand the case in detail.

Quick Answer

When you break up with someone, how you react to it is not how they react. It could be your ex has already moved on, and changing his WhatsApp picture is his way of moving on and trying to impress other girls. Still, he could be after your attention and hoping you will text him about the picture. Or is he doing it just for fun? Some guys also keep changing their pictures when they are insecure about themselves and unsure of how they look in different pictures.

Our post focuses on understanding why your ex keeps changing his WhatsApp picture. We will give possible reasons why this is the case while explaining each scenario in detail. Let’s get started!

Why Does My Ex Keep Changing His WhatsApp Picture?

Change Whatsapp Profile Picture

Not all relationships are guaranteed to have a happy ever after. Some end up in separation due to different things and situations.

If you have a case where you broke up with your partner, it’s normal and happens for various reasons.

If you still have your ex’s phone number and keep stalking him on WhatsApp, you may encounter a case where he keeps changing his WhatsApp picture. What causes this, and what does it signal?

Let’s see some common explanations.

Reason #1: He Is After Your Attention

In some instances, your ex could be changing his WhatsApp picture intentionally as his way of trying to catch your attention.

He has not moved on and hopes you will notice him better by changing pictures, as he can’t share them directly with you.

His goal is to get your attention, hoping you will notice him and text him regarding the pictures. Similarly, he could be doing this to watch how you react. Maybe he wants you to feel that you lost him and missed a lot by losing him.

Although there is no direct way to conclude his motive, he likely keeps changing his WhatsApp picture because he knows you still have his number.

Moreover, he knows you can’t miss noticing him changing his picture.

Reason #2: He Is After Other Girls

If your ex has already moved on, he can change his picture when he is after other girls.

Maybe he is targeting to flirt with other girls, and changing his profile picture is his way of making his moves.

Unfortunately, it could be that your ex has already moved on, and he is after other girls trying to catch their attention and having fun with them.

Reason #3: He Is Insecure

Suppose your ex is insecure. One trait to confirm this is the constant changing of his WhatsApp picture.

He could be doing this because he is unsure which image brings him perfectly.

Thus, he keeps changing his picture due to insecurity about how others see him in the current picture he has uploaded.

Reason #4: He Is Having Fun

Anyone is free to change their WhatsApp picture as they see it best.

Your ex doesn’t need your permission to change his WhatsApp picture. If he feels like changing it, there is no stopping him, and he can do it as much as he wants.

So, he could be having his best life and has already moved on. Thus, changing his WhatsApp picture has nothing to do with you.


When you notice your ex keeps changing his WhatsApp picture, there are different explanations.

It could be he is after your attention or that of other girls. Still, it could be he is insecure or having fun in his way.

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