Why Does It Take So Long To Upload to YouTube?

Why Does It Take So Long To Upload To Youtube

When you have a YouTube channel, you probably upload videos frequently to keep your subscribers engaged and share new content.

When uploading the video, many users run into a case where the video takes longer before it fully gets uploaded. If you are facing an issue with your videos taking so long to upload, we will understand why this is so.

Quick Answer

The speed of uploading videos to YouTube depends on your internet connection speed. Moreover, the video’s length and quality also impact the video’s size. Large video files will take a longer time to upload than small videos. Another cause is the upload traffic. If you try uploading the video when there is high traffic, it will take longer. Similarly, if you have different applications running on your device, they may drain the bandwidth, causing long upload times.

Videos lagging when you are uploading them on YouTube is annoying. We will focus on explaining why this is the case. Still, we will give different methods you can use to get your videos to upload faster on YouTube.

How Does Uploading Videos to YouTube Work?

As a content creator with a YouTube channel, you will occasionally upload videos to your channels. Uploading videos to YouTube is free. The uploaded video will be available to the target audience, provided you’ve set its visibility to the public.

After creating your video and editing it to your preference, you can access the YouTube creator account and upload the video. While at it, you can customize different items, such as the title for the video, tags, keywords, audience, etc.

Unfortunately, when uploading your video, you may get an instance where uploading the video takes longer than usual. If that sounds familiar, check the next section to understand why this happens and how to fix it.

Why Does It Take So Long To Upload to YouTube?

Are your videos taking long to upload to YouTube? Well, we all face such a case at some point. The causes of this problem include the following.

Slow Internet Connection

How’s your internet connection? When you have a slow internet connection, uploading a video to YouTube will take longer than when you have a fast connection.

It worsens when the video you upload is long and the network weakens. You will easily get stuck when uploading the video until you resolve the network speed or wait till the video uploads.

Video Size

How large or small your video is will affect the upload speed for the video. The size of the video will depend on its length and quality, meaning a high-quality and long video will be large.

Thus, uploading may take longer, especially if you don’t compress it to shrink its size.

File Format

The file format of the video you are uploading is key in determining how fast or slow the video will take to upload. Some formats are more suitable for YouTube videos.

So, ensure you get the recommended file format to avoid delays in uploading the video.

Other Open Apps

When you have other apps that drain the internet running in the background, the bandwidth available for YouTube will be reduced. When that happens, your videos will take longer to upload.

Upload Traffic

Sometimes, you may try to upload your YouTube video when there is a large traffic of creators trying to upload their videos too. Such a case will mean the video will take longer to upload.

How To Increase the YouTube Video Upload Speed

Having a situation where the video upload speed is slow causes inefficiencies. Thus, you should find a way to increase the upload speed. The below methods will help you out.

Compress the Video

When you have a large video that you want to upload to YouTube, it’s advisable to compress it. When you compress the video, you will have a better chance of quickly uploading it as its size will get reduced thanks to the compressing tool you use. Moreover, ensure you have a supported file format.

Get a Faster Internet Connection

A fast internet connection is more reliable when uploading a YouTube video. You can contact your ISP and have them increase the internet speed here.

Still, you can restart the network devices or turn on and off airplane mode to see if that helps.

Close Other Apps or Browsers

Close other tabs or applications that are using the internet. That way, all bandwidth will be left for YouTube to use. In that case, you will enjoy a faster upload speed.


Different reasons cause uploading YouTube videos to take longer. We’ve seen the causes and explained how to bypass them to ensure you manage to upload your videos faster.

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