Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views?

Why Are My Youtube Shorts Not Getting Views

When you post a video on YouTube, you expect it to receive many views. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for some content creators, especially when they notice YouTube Shorts are getting fewer views.

So, what is the reason behind your YouTube Shorts not getting views? If you are one of the content creators with such an issue, stick around for the reasons causing it and how you can improve it!

Quick Answer

Several reasons may be making your YouTube Shorts have no views. If you have a poor thumbnail, viewers will not be attracted to watch your YouTube Shorts. Lack of promotion for your Shorts is another reason that may make you have no views. Other causes include your Shorts having low quality or not following the current trends.

Posting YouTube Shorts and noticing they have no views can be discouraging. This post has explained possible reasons why your YouTube Shorts are not getting views and the best ways to deal with the issue and increase your views. Let’s start!

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views?

YouTube recently introduced YouTube Shorts to act as Facebook feeds. The feature enables one to create a short video of up to 60 seconds and post it on your channel.

Because YouTube Shorts is a new feature, many content creators have realized they sometimes don’t get many views despite their efforts to create good videos. If your Shorts are getting no views, the following are possible causes of the issue.

Unattractive Thumbnail

A thumbnail is crucial when you want your videos to get more views. If your thumbnail is unattractive, viewers will not be interested in viewing them.

A thumbnail is the first thing a viewer sees; if it is unattractive, there is little chance of viewing it.

Poor Quality of YouTube Shorts

The quality of your video is essential in influencing how many views you will get. When you create poor-quality YouTube Shorts, fewer people will watch them, and there are few chances of the video being shared with friends.

Not Promoting the Shorts

Promoting your content is crucial for getting more views on the platform. When you want your Shorts to have more views, you should consider sharing them on other social media platforms.

Moreover, you should pay more attention to using relevant hashtags and engage with your audience directly.

High Competition

YouTube Shorts is a new trend gaining popularity, meaning many content creators post them. When there are many established content creators, it may cause oversaturation in the platform, meaning new creators may not get views.

Lack of Content

Content is crucial when you want to get more views on YouTube. When you have the right content, your audience responds well. Thus, you should consider following the current trends to ensure your YouTube Shorts go viral.

How To Get More Views for YouTube Shorts

Create Engaging Content

Engaging content is essential to get more views. Considering YouTube Shorts are one minute long, you should ensure you grab the viewer’s attention within the first five seconds.

Because the video is a minute long, ensure you go straight to the point and capture the viewer’s attention.

Focus on Trends

Trends are the norm when you want your video to get more views. Thus, you must be well-updated on the trending hashtags and ensure your content aligns with them.

Be Consistent

Consistency is a crucial factor when you want more views. You must ensure you publish more interesting content that your audience engages with.

Once you become consistent, viewers will be waiting for your content, enabling you to get instant views.

Focus on Promoting Content

When you promote your content, it enables you to get more views. You should use social media platforms and email to increase visibility.


Getting views for your YouTube Shorts can be hard when you don’t know how to go about it. This post has explained possible reasons why you may not be getting views. Moreover, if you want more views, this post has explained ways to help you quickly.

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