Why Did He Unblock Me on WhatsApp?

Why Did He Unblock Me On Whatsapp

When you are in love with someone, you want an easy platform where you know you can find them easily, like WhatsApp.

But when a relationship ends, and you were hoping it would last forever, it may cause hard feelings, especially when the other party decides to block you.

When you realize they have unblocked you after a long time, does it mean they want to talk to you?

If you have found yourself in such a situation, this guide explains why he has unblocked you.

Quick Answer

Blocking and unblocking is an issue that happens for a reason. Your ex may have moved on and feel no need to keep you blocked.

He may also unblock you to play with your feelings and see if you will return to him. Additionally, he may unblock you with the hope of a reconciliation.

The issue of ex-lovers blocking and unblocking each other is common. The guide has provided possible reasons why your ex unblocked you and advised how you should handle the situation. Keep reading!

Why Did He Unblock Me on WhatsApp?

When a relationship ends, people handle it differently, and you may be shocked the person you thought was your all world now wants nothing to do with you.

It may happen that you desperately wanted an explanation before you went your separate ways, but all you got was a block on WhatsApp.

Now that he has unblocked, you may get curious about why he did so.

The following are some of the common reasons why he unblocked you.

Reason #1: He Doesn’t Care

According to psychology research, a person blocks you because of hard feelings.

When they have dealt with their feelings, they may later see that blocking you was wrong and don’t want it to be that way.

Therefore, unblocking you may be a way of telling you he has no hard feelings for anyone anymore.

Reason #2: He is Stalking You

When a person blocks you, they won’t be able to see your posts neither will you.

Probably he heard from one of your friends that you have moved on, and he wants to see your new partner.

In such a case, you will notice he will unblock you without contacting you.

Reason #3: Hopes for a Reconciliation

Your ex may have unblocked you because he hopes to get back with you.

When he wants a reconciliation, he will unblock you and send a message to you. Possibly he took some time to think over the relationship, and now he sees he can’t do without you by his side.

But, in such a case, don’t rush to contact him. Because he blocked you, it is good to give him time and see if he will communicate anything.

Reason #4: His Friends Talked Him Into It

Boys love speaking about girls when they are alone.

If his boys know how you were close during your relationship, they may convince him to unblock you and see what you are up to.

He may not be up to no good when the decision to unblock you was not his own.

Reason #5: His Current Relationship is a Mess

When a person gets attached to another person, relationship problems start to arise.

If you know, he left you because of another lady and has unblocked you after a long time; he is looking for a person to run to.

Even boys want a shade to hide in, and he may have unblocked you, knowing he can run back to you.

Therefore, if he left because of another lady and wants to get back together, consider it carefully because the relationship may end up like the first time he blocked you.

Reason #6: He is Bored

Sometimes when dating, you may realize your chatting circle is too small that you may find yourself speaking with your boyfriend most of the time.

Therefore, you may get that his WhatsApp chats became useless when he blocked you, and now he has no one he can speak to.

He will unblock you if he doesn’t find another person to make his WhatsApp useful. But when a person unlocks you because of boredom, it happens within a few days of the breakup.

Reason #7: He is Thinking About You

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it is obvious to miss your ex.

He might be thinking of the good times you shared and wondering if you would love to get back with him.

Maybe blocking you was his way of dealing with bitterness, but he might have emotions about you, forcing him to unblock you.

Reason #8: He Has Forgiven You

If your ex blocked you, it is because you hurt him, causing him a lot of pain.

He has dealt with his pain and feels no need to hold hard feelings.

If you had wronged him, unblocking you may signal you are forgiven.

How To Get Back With Your Ex After He Unblocks You

When your ex-boyfriend unblocks you, the first thing that comes to your mind is thinking he wants to get back with you.

Considering the reasons discussed above, it is not advisable to assume that unless he communicates his intention in the first place.

So what should you do when you want to get back with your ex?

Before you run back into his arms, it is good to deal with the past. Examine why your relationship ended up in the first place, and try to solve the issue.

Otherwise, you might reconcile, and the same issues may cause your separation again.

Additionally, if your ex is abusive, don’t think about it twice. Just delete his WhatsApp number and never bother yourself about getting back with him. He will never change.


A person never unblocks the other by accident.

If your ex recently unblocked you and you are not sure if he wants to get back with you, this post has explained all reasons that influenced his decision.

Moreover, the guide has explained measures to take when you want to get back with your ex.

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