What Does the Blue Dot Mean on YouTube?

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Youtube

YouTube’s popularity can be attributed to its vast selection of content, its deep penetration regarding user numbers, and ease of use.

YouTube also evolved into a creator’s forum where YouTube creators have channels where they upload videos.

If you’re a YouTube fan, you likely follow several creators, so you can receive notifications if and when they upload new content.

One of the things you may have noticed when using YouTube is a blue dot. But what is that?

Quick Answer

A blue dot appears on the bottom-right edge of the channel icon for the channels you follow. Usually, this blue dot shows that the creator has uploaded a new video you are yet to see.

Sometimes the blue dot can still appear even after you view the creator’s most recent video. This can indicate older videos you didn’t see or a glitch in your YouTube algorithm. 

Read to the end to learn more about the blue dot on YouTube.

Overview of Tthe Blue Dot on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most rewarding platforms for creators.

It also doesn’t limit creators from making any content as long as it’s not explicit.

Meaning anyone with the knowledge, skills, or interest in a particular niche can create a YouTube channel, build a following, and eventually monetize it to start earning from their craft.

YouTube creators earn from their YouTube channels in several ways, the most common being through ads.

As part of their earnings, YouTube deposits a percentage of the income generated from ads running through a creator’s video.

Other ways creators make money on YouTube are through channel memberships, affiliate marketing, YouTube premium revenue, and super stickers.

If you’re a YouTube fan, you likely have several creators whose channels you subscribe to.

When creators you follow have uploaded new videos, it usually appears in your subscription section marked with a blue dot.

This dot will appear consistently until you view the new videos. Sometimes the blue dot doesn’t disappear immediately after you view the video.

Next, we’ll discuss the meaning of the blue dot and why it doesn’t always disappear when you view the new video.

Meaning of the Blue Dot on YouTube

As we’ve established the blue dot on YouTube shows, there are new uploads from the creators or channels you subscribe to.

The blue dot may not be evident for some users, especially those using YouTube on their phones.

Here’s how you can see the blue dot on the YouTube phone app:

  1. Launch the YouTube app.
  2. Tap the “Subscriptions tab at the bottom.
  3. You will notice a scrolling bar with circle icons at the top of the screen.
  4. Flip through this bar to see which creators have uploaded new videos to their channels.
  5. The creators with new videos you’re yet to see will have a blue dot at the lower-right corner of the circle icon.

When you click on the creator with a blue dot, a list of their videos appears on your screen, and the blue dot disappears.

There’s also an option to go to their channel if it’s more convenient for you to stream their videos from their channel.

If you use YouTube on your desktop, the blue dots will appear on the left-side panel of your screen below the subscription tab showing the channels you’re subscribed to.


The blue dots work differently for mobile and desktop YouTube versions, confusing some users. The blue dot only appears on your phone when the creators you follow upload new videos. However, on the desktop version, the blue dot can indicate new videos, community uploads, and new live streams from the creators you follow.

Usually, the blue dot disappears immediately after you click on a creator where it appears.

But sometimes there can be a disparity between the mobile and desktop versions meaning the blue dot may not appear when streaming YouTube on your phone but will be there when using the desktop version.

This sometimes happens when the creator has a new live stream or community upload.


A blue dot on YouTube appears next to a creator’s icon showing that they have a new video you are yet to watch.

After clicking on the channel with the blue dot, it automatically disappears.

Note that the blue dot only appears on the YouTube mobile app when there’s a new video but will appear on the desktop version when the creator has a new video, live stream, or community upload.

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