What To Do When You’re Bored in Zoom Class?

What To Do When Your Bored In Zoom Class

Zoom classes are becoming a norm in today’s society. However, it is not easy for students to stay engaged in a Zoom class.

The situation worsens when the Zoom class is boring. It is easier to zone out or fall asleep when you’re bored during the Zoom session.

What can you do to fill in time when you’re bored during a Zoom session without inviting trouble? 

Quick Answer

Pay attention and stay engaged to avoid boredom during a Zoom class session. Additionally, participate in discussions that may come up during the Zoom session. You can also take notes or create doodles to make the session interesting. However, you can draw, play a game, count, make a list of things, or stretch when you can’t help it and wish to kill time without exiting the session. 

Zoom classes don’t have to be boring. Here are the different solutions to killing time during a boring Zoom class without drawing your teacher’s attention or getting into trouble.

What’s a Zoom Class?

A Zoom class is a virtual learning environment where students and teachers can participate in live classes from anywhere with an internet connection, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Zoom classes also provide tools for virtual interaction, such as screen sharing, real-time messaging, and virtual backgrounds. The tools help instructors and students create an interactive learning experience.

Zoom classes increase flexibility and accessibility for students and teachers. Teachers or instructors can live-stream or create pre-recorded lessons.

Things You Can During When You’re Bored During a Zoom Class Session

Although Zoom classes create more flexibility for teachers and learners, maintaining student engagement is challenging. It’s common to hear students complain of boredom during a Zoom class session.

Here are a few ways to fill in time when you feel bored in a Zoom class.

Be Active

Being engaged during the Zoom session will beat the boredom. You may also have discussions during a live-streamed Zoom class session.

Participate actively in the discussions with your classmates and teacher by asking and answering questions. Asking questions can also stimulate discussion and promote interaction.

When answering questions, you should be thoughtful and considerate in your response. Take into account the perspectives of others and be open to differing opinions.

You’ll make the most out of the interaction and beat boredom. 

Take Notes

Writing down notes makes it easy to retain information. It also keeps you focused during the learning session. Note-taking can also keep boredom at bay during a Zoom class session. 

Take note of key points and vital information. You can also doodle while taking notes to make the session fun.

The doodles will help you process and creatively condense your notes. It also lets you pay attention. It will help reinforce your understanding and overall comprehension of the material.

Calligraphy can also turn a mundane session into an engaging one. Therefore, write your notes in calligraphy. 

Minimize Distractions

It helps reduce boredom by allowing you to remain focused throughout the Zoom session. Distractions make it difficult for the brain to concentrate. Therefore, you may tune out or lose interest.

Find a quiet place for your Zoom class to help minimize distractions. You’ll also have to reduce background noise and turn off notifications on your devices.

Additionally, make sure the lighting is appropriate. Closing other tabs or apps on your computer can also minimize distractions.

You should also have all the necessary materials that can help you stay engaged during the Zoom class. 


Counting things makes everything exciting. You can count certain words on your screen or when your instructor says a specific word.

You can also count when your classmates do something funny during the Zoom session.  

You can also count letters in a word or use the letters to form new words. 

Play Games 

Playing games can reduce boredom during Zoom classes. The game will create a mental distraction from the monotony of the class session. 

You don’t need a real game. You can do it in your head. You can also play online games like crosswords or candy crash to kill time. But ensure you mute the games to avoid getting into trouble. 

You can also find something to fidget with during the class sessions. A fidget spinner will do the trick. 


Exercise benefits your mental health and reduces feelings of boredom.

Additionally, exercise can improve focus and cognitive function, making it easier to pay attention during online classes. Why don’t you sneak in some stretches during the Zoom class session if you’re bored? 

Try taking a quick break to stretch. Stand and stretch or move around. You can also do simple exercises like your hand above your head, straightening your posture, or long breaths.

You’ll feel more energized, focused, and engaged throughout your Zoom class session.

Create Lists

You can create a to-do or a wish list when the class becomes boring. You can do it on your device or use paper and pen.

The lists will keep you from drifting to slumberland during the class session. 

Wrapping Up 

It’s normal to feel bored during a Zoom class. Reach out to this guide if you grapple with boredom during Zoom classes. Your teacher or classmates can also offer support if you can’t concentrate during Zoom class sessions. 

Nonetheless, the key to combating boredom in a Zoom class is to stay proactive and find ways to make the experience work for you.

With some creativity and effort, you can turn the most mundane of class sessions into an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

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