What Font Is Zoom Logo?

What Font Is Zoom Logo

What font does Zoom use for its logo?

When you see the Zoom logo, you may get curious about what font it uses for its logo or wonder whether Zoom uses the same font for its logo and other display. Zoom is a videoconferencing platform that has used the same logo since 2011.

This guide will detail what font Zoom uses for its logo.

Quick Answer

The Zoom logo is a wordmark with the “Zoom” word. Furthermore, the full logo version includes a camera at the top. Zoom uses Kaleko 205 as the font for its logo. The other displays on Zoom use the Google Lato font. You can’t edit the font for the Zoom logo.

This guide covers the history of the Zoom logo and mentions the font used by Zoom for its logo and other displays on its platform. Still, we will cover frequently asked questions about the font used by Zoom.

Understanding the Zoom Logo

Zoom is the most widely used videoconferencing platform. The popularity of Zoom exploded during the Covid period, and most organizations and individuals now rely on Zoom for remote meetings and other online activities.

Besides, Zoom offers multiple features to support videoconferencing, and you can create a free or pro account depending on your goal.

Zoom has the same logo on your mobile phone or desktop.

The Zoom logo consists of a wordmark with the string “Zoom”.

When viewing its full version, the wordmark has an add-on of the video camera icon on top.

Zoom has used this logo since 2011, when it was founded. Its logo is unique and represents what the company stands for.

The Zoom logo has a unique light blue shade. Its icon consists of a white square with a blue circle with rounded edges.

What Font is Zoom Logo?

If you’ve used Zoom, you will note that it uses the Google font Lato for its display and characters.

However, that’s not the same font used in its logo.

The font for the Zoom logo is a custom typeface. You will note some corners for the letters are rounded, yet others remain elongated and curved, appearing like short serifs.

Here’s the thing, the Zoom logo uses Kaleko 205 typeface. Yes, the font is not serif, even though it appears so.

Zoom selected this custom typeface font for its logo to complement its primary typeface, Google Lato. Furthermore, its branding team chose this font to achieve a consistent visual identity for the Zoom brand.


If you were wondering what font Zoom uses for its logo, the answer is Kaleko 205 typeface.

The font is customized for the Zoom logo and compliments its primary choice for typeface, Lato.

This guide has discussed the Zoom logo, its history, and the font used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What font does Zoom use for its logo?

Zoom uses a custom typeface for its logo. It uses the Kaleko 205 regular typeface. Its branding team decided on the font to compliment Lato, its primary choice for the typeface. Besides, Zoom uses Lato as the font for its display.

Can you change the Zoom font?

No, you can’t. The Zoom font is set to Lato for the display and Kaleko 205 typeface for the logo. You can’t change that when using Zoom. However, you can increase the display size using Zoom from its settings page, not the font type.

What does the Zoom logo mean?

The Zoom logo is a simple wordmark containing “Zoom” and a camera on top. The logo represents the services offered by the Zoom company. Besides, that logo represents Zoom as a brand since the company was created in 2011.

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