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What Does “VC” Mean on Instagram Edits

What Does Vc Mean On Instagram Edits

Instagram is a world full of trends and things that go viral. We’ve been there; we’ve all seen how that works. You post something, your hashtags hit the correct algorithm, and boom – post viral! Sometimes a few things don’t even make sense to us, and we often find ourselves finding their meaning or use.

Such is the case when we see “VC” on viral posts nowadays. What is this word? How do we use it? Why is it so popular? Let’s get it straight!

Quick Answer

“VC” on Instagram could mean a lot of things. It could mean “Video Credits”, “Video Chat”, “Voice Chat”, or even “Voice Channel”.

However, it’s totally up to you to use this slang to your advantage. My suggestion? You can simply post an edited video of yourself and use “VC” to give credit to the person who edited it for you.

Let’s talk more about this below and see what we can make out of this trendy term!

How Do People Use “VC”?

On Instagram, users make frequent use of the term “VC.” As was just discussed, people use it to provide credit to someone else or to invite them over for a Voice Chat or Video Chat session. You can see how other people use it by going to the search box on your Instagram account and typing in “#VC”.

You will see that many posts have the hashtag “VC” tagged below them. Some of these messages would come from really famous people, giving credit to the editors of the videos that they had posted. A handful of these postings would be from folks stating video chat timings or voice chat timings to work with their fans and followers.

Why Use These Abbreviations?

Such clips and edited videos are often posted by celebrities or popular professionals. To be honest, sometimes they are doing it for monetization purposes. Therefore, whenever they use these abbreviations, they ultimately show respect to the editor by giving them credit.

Other than this scenario, as mentioned earlier, people use these abbreviations for Voice Chat or Video Chat too. That’s why they are often mentioning “VC” in their posts or comments to either call their audience for Video Chat or call them to a Voice Chat.


In case you’re still unclear on what this “VC” means, you can add an additional step to your quest and search “#VC” on the Instagram Search Bar. This way, the posts that would show up will hint at the trendy slang.

The Takeaway

Well, now that’s a wrap – you should definitely know by now what “VC” means in the realm of Instagram and other relevant social media platforms. You can always use this short abbreviation however you find it suitable for yourself. Whether you use it to refer to “Voice Channel”, “Video Channel”, “Video Chat”, or “Voice Chat”, that’s all on you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you know if somebody screenshots your story?

No, Instagram won’t tell you if someone screenshots your story. In the same way, people won’t know if you’ve taken a screenshot of their story.

Why do people use hashtags on their Insta posts?

Hashtags are a simple approach to increasing your social media engagement, and it’s been proved that posts using hashtags generate over 12 percent more engagement. Hashtags make your content more discoverable.

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