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What Does “HG” Mean on Snapchat

What Does &Quot;Hg&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Despite being a millennial, I find it hard to understand the language of GenZ (such a nerd!). I confess that I never got my head around my generation’s slang even — GenZ’s are way more complicated (moms and dads, I am with you!).

Social media can get daunting for people like me who are pretty old-school. To stay, as they say, ‘Relevant,’ I even try to learn the meanings of Internet slang words from Google (not stubborn like GenY). One such term is “HG,” which is pretty common, not only on Snapchat but nearly on all Internet, even in one-to-one conversations.

Quick Answer

Keeping the literal meaning aside, “HG” is an acronym for “Holy Grail.” On Snapchat and other places on Internet, people use this term for anything that is their favorite, and they guarantee that it works.  

So, this is going to be a fun ride as we will share some other slang words from Snapchat. Make sure to stick around to learn a thing or two (as there is no shame in learning new things, however silly they seem).

What Does “HG” Mean?

HG is an acronym for “Holy Grail,” which has a pretty profound history.

According to the Britannica Dictionary, Holy Grail means: “Something that you want very much but that is very hard to get or achieve.”

Holy Grail in the Realms of History

For centuries, Holy Grail remained the object of mystery and fascination. Holy Grail is believed to be the cup from which Jesus drank during the Last Supper. Similarly, during the crucifixion of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea used Holy Grail to collect Jesus’s blood. People still today seek Holy Grail. Many legends are associated, which further enhanced its enigma, urging people for centuries to discover it. 

This is the actual meaning of the Holy Grail, not what young people mean when they say it. However, in the internet world, it has a slightly different meaning; let’s dig it!

What Does “HG” Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is still relevant among the younger generation, despite the TikTok revolution. Every day, over 319 million users log into this fun and entertaining platform. Despite its goodness, the place can get overwhelming (especially for old souls like me). It becomes a scary place instantly if you are unaware of the popular slang, acronyms, and pop culture references.

One such term is “HG” or “Holy Grail” — it is a popular slang on Snapchat, in fact, everywhere (even in one-to-one conversations). Though I must confess its meaning is not as complicated as others you would find on this platform.

“HG” is again the acronym for “Holy Grail” on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and wherever you hear this on the Internet.

“Holy Grail” or “HG” is used when people want to tell you that something is their favorite, and they guarantee it works. Often you would find Youtubers sharing their Holy Grails products or Holy Grails for this month or that. I see beauty gurus usually making such videos (Yes! I watch beauty channels on YouTube).

Moreover, if someone wants to convince you that something works, they call it HG — meaning they swear by it. For Example, according to Economic Times India, Dell XPS 13 is the HG of laptops. It means that this laptop is their favorite (or paid for), and they guarantee it works better than any other laptop.

Other Meaning of “HQ” (Not on Snapchat)

  • HG also stands for Hectogram (100 grams).
  • HG/SG in school means a Higher Grade.
  • HG can also mean homegirl.
  • HG can stand for Hyperemesis gravidarum (pregnancy complications).
  • HQ is the chemical symbol of mercury (Hg – hydrargyrum)

Other Acronyms & Slang Words on Snapchat

  • ESB – Everyone Snap Back; a request to everyone viewing the story to Snap back to the user so that they can have a conversation with the viewer. 
  • MMS – Makes Me Smile or Multimedia Messaging Service.
  • AIR – When you ignore or blank someone.
  • SMO – Serious Mode On or Shout Me Out (depending on the context. 
  • ICYMI – I See You Missed I; when your friend missed your Snap.


Despite being a fun place, Snapchat can get a scary place instantly. It can happen when you are not aware of its culture, language, and references.

Learning internet slang is a fun way you can bridge the gap between generations and stay relevant to younger people. So, in the article, we learned the meanings of so many Snapchat slang and abbreviations, including “HG” (Holy Grail).

The Internet is full of social media slang; give them a go in your free time. Maybe you will remember one or two next time you have a conversation with your young niece or nephew and become famous among the younger lot.  

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