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What Does “PC” Mean on Instagram

What Does “Pc” Mean On Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app we all know and love that started gaining popularity around 2012. There are so many abbreviations with technology today, especially on the app, it can get really confusing trying to decipher what they mean. It feels like hieroglyphics, right?

Short Answer

‘PC’ should mean ‘Photo Credit’ on Instagram. But a few other possible answers could be ‘Photo Courtesy’ and ‘Personal Computer.’ How they fit always depends on the context of the situation.

If you’d like to dive deeper into what ‘PC’ means on Instagram, then here are seven likely answers that could end the confusion!

“PC” Meanings

Possible Answer #1: ‘Photo/Picture Credit’

Photo/Picture Credit’ means to credit whoever made the photo shown. And usually, ‘Photo Credit’ or ‘Picture Credit’ is a photography term. It’s typically abbreviated on image-sharing sites.

This is probably the most accurate answer since Instagram is a photo and video sharing app.

Possible Answer #2: ‘Photo Courtesy’

Photo Courtesy’ is another way of saying ‘Photo Credit,’ but it can include any other people involved in making that piece of content.

Another likely answer could be ambiguous and mean many things depending on the context.

Possible Answer #3: ‘Politically Correct’

Politically Correct’ means to abide by a society’s progressive political views and not offend anyone who shares the same views.

This makes sense, as everything today seems to involve a lot more politics, and there are plenty of political opinions being shared all over social media.

Possible Answer #4: ‘Perspective Correction’

Perspective Correction’ means to use a 6-square grid to correct the alignment of your image with the X and Y axis when uploading it.

This would be more common among photographers and fans of photography. But anyone can use perspective correction when editing your pictures.

Possible Answer #5: ‘Personal Computer’

Personal Computer

Personal Computer’ means nothing more than a computer.

If you’re browsing through Instagram’s community guidelines, there’s a chance that ‘PC’ could be mentioned somewhere, and there’s also a chance that it could mean ‘Personal Computer.’

Possible Answer #6: ‘Police Constable’

Police Constable’ is an officer of criminal law enforcement.

You could have seen a picture somewhere with a caption that mentioned ‘PC.’ If there is also a mention of policing or anything to do with police officers, that may relate to it.

Possible Answer #7: ‘Protective Custody’

Protective Custody’ means to put someone in jail for their own safety.

Again, if you’d seen a post about the news somewhere that mentioned ‘PC,’ they could also be talking about ‘Protective Custody.’ Just remember to gauge the context to correctly decipher what they mean.


There’s no concrete answer for what ‘PC’ means on Instagram. But, with the correct definition, you can put the pieces of the puzzle together by fitting it within the context of the situation you were in.

So, to sum it up – ‘PC’ could mean anything from ‘Photo Credit’ to ‘Protective Custody.’ In most cases, it’s likely to be about photo crediting individuals since we know that we’re talking about a photo and video sharing app.

It can also mean ‘Perspective Correction,’ which is where you make your photos feel more professional by aligning them perfectly square using a grid with white lines.

Be sure to save this guide whenever you come across ‘PC’ on Instagram again. That’ll save you the time and hassle of searching it up again!


“What Does ‘PC’ Mean on Instagram?”

‘PC’ most likely means ‘Photo/Picture Credit’ or ‘Photo/Picture Courtesy.’ It means that whoever was involved in making the image deserves the credits associated with sharing that piece of content.

“What Does ‘Perspective Correction’ Mean?”

‘Perspective Correction’ means to have your images aligned vertically and horizontally by using a 6-square grid with lines to sort out the alignment. Use this to clean up your photos and gallery on Instagram, so it gives a more professional look to your content.

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