What Does One Green Check Mean on Telegram?

What Does One Green Check Mean On Telegram

Telegram uses the check (tick) system to show users the delivery status of their messages. You may see one or two green checks attached to your message on Telegram. So, what does the green check indicate on Telegram?

Quick Answer

Generally, you’ll see a clock icon, a single green check, and double green check marks when chatting with someone via Telegram. All these icons have different meanings. The single green tick attached to your message shows that Telegram successfully uploaded a text you’re trying to send to someone on its server.

We must comprehend the delivery icons we see as we talk to our friends via Telegram. Today’s article will cover all the delivery icons, including the green check. Let’s learn together.

Message Delivery Icons on Telegram

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app. For that reason, Telegram set up delivery icons that show users the delivery status of their messages. You’ll see them in your chat groups or your private inbox. They’ll change as you keep texting and getting replies.

The icons seem similar to those on Whatsapp. However, they mean different things. Let’s clarify these icons further.

Clock Icon

Clock Icon

A clock symbol will appear next to your text on Telegram if it’s still pending. It means Telegram hasn’t sent your message to the recipient. You may see the clock symbol on both group and individual chats.

The clock may linger beside your text when connected to a weak internet connection. Telegram often queues your messages if the internet is unstable. Hence, you may see the clock icon beside your text. 

One Green Check

One Green Check

Once Telegram uploads the message from your device to its servers, the clock turns into a green check. Likewise, you will also see the single green tick on group or individual chats.

Telegram hasn’t posted your message yet to the group if you see the green tick beside your text in a group chat. It has uploaded the text to its servers. 

For an individual chat, the green check indicates that the recipient is yet to receive the message. The message will stay on the cloud until the recipient receives, opens, and reads it. 

Two Green Checks

Two Green Checks Telegram

You’ll see two green checks once Telegram downloads the message from its server and sends it to the recipient for individual chats.

Double green checks on group chats indicate that a group member has seen the message.

Red Exclamation Mark

Red Exclamation Mark

You may also see a red exclamation point beside a message on your Telegram chat screen. The exclamation shows that Telegram did not deliver the message. Telegram will not upload your message to its servers if it fails to connect to the server within five minutes. Hence, the red exclamation point.

But you can resend the unsent text. Tap on the message, and you’ll see two options, select “Resend Message.”

Wrapping Up

Your messages on Telegram will always have delivery statuses attached to them. It doesn’t matter if it is text, image, audio, or video. You’ll see delivery icons attached to these messages.

You’ll keep seeing the clock icon if the internet is weak. A green check will appear if you’re texting someone offline. The double-green ticks will show up if they see your message. Sadly, you can’t tell if they read them. There is no “read” icon on Telegram.


Is there a delivered icon on Telegram?

You’ll not see a delivered icon on Telegram. The two green checks mean the recipient has seen the message. Telegram will not tell you if they read the text or not.

The recipient might have logged into their Telegram account on more than one device. Hence, they might have received the message on one device but not read it.

Why don’t I see double green checks?

There is a probability the person blocked you. The “Block” button on Telegram prevents you from seeing if the recipient has seen or read your text. You’ll keep seeing one green check instead of two. You can check the person’s “Active status” and profile picture. They may have blocked you if you see initials on the profile pic instead of a photo.

There is also a chance they read the message off Telegram. They may have previewed the message in their notification section. There is also a likelihood they might have read your text while in plane mode.

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