What Does Mic Up Mean in Discord?

What Does Mic Up Mean In Discord

Gamers use Discord as it offers them room to communicate via its voice channels. When gaming on other platforms, you can connect with someone on Discord to use it as your communication channel in the middle of the game.

When gaming Roblox, you might have heard someone telling you to “mic up.” Worry less if you don’t know what they mean by this, as we will elaborate on it.

Quick Answer

When someone tells you to “mic up,” they request you to join a voice chat and communicate with them. When texting in a Discord text channel, someone can tell you to “mic up” when they want you to talk with them in a voice channel. In most cases, someone who wants to “mic up” likely wants to talk with you aggressively, and it could be they want to extend a debate via the mic instead of text to see who wins it.

This guide explains what “mic up” means when using Discord. Still, we will see how to respond to “mic up” on Discord while mentioning the best tips to follow before you “mic up” with someone on Discord.

What Does “Mic Up” Mean in Discord?

Discord stands out for being the most reliable VoIP platform that anyone can use for their activities. You can utilize Discord in different ways. For instance, you can create servers and communicate with people through text or voice channels. Still, you can directly message someone and exchange files.

Discord is handy among gamers as it lets them game while using it for communication in a voice chat. You may encounter the term “mic up” when talking with friends on Discord. It could be your fellow gamer who asked you to “mic up” in the middle of an argument you were having in the text channel.

What does “mic up” mean in Discord? Here’s the kicker, “mic up” is used when someone wants you to communicate with them in a voice chat using the mic instead of texting. So, if you were texting someone wanting to extend the talk, they can ask you to “mic up” in Discord.

In such a case, the person wants to confront you in a voice chat, especially when you have an incomplete argument. A voice chat offers easier room for people to communicate than a text channel. Besides, Roblox gamers often decide to “mic up” in Discord when they want to confront each other to see who wins the debate.

How To “Mic Up” in Discord

When someone requests to “mic up” in Discord, you can honor their request, especially if it is your friend. The idea is to engage in a voice chat with the person. Check out the steps below if you don’t know how.

  1. Open your Discord account.
  2. Create a Discord server.
  3. Share the server’s invite link with the person.
  4. Once they join the server, join the voice channel.
  5. Ask the person (and others) also to join the voice channel.

Once they join, you can debate or discuss with the people requesting you to “mic up.” You can still game outside Discord while utilizing Discord as your communication channel.

While considering “mic up” in Discord, a few things must be checked to ensure all goes as planned.

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection to guarantee a smooth voice chat session.
  • Ensure you have a good mic to avoid cutting out when talking, as that would affect how well you “mic up.”
  • Prepare your jokes or words to ensure you comfortably “roast” the other party.

That way, you will win the voice chat.


When someone asks you to “mic up” in Discord, they request to join a Discord voice chat with you to communicate. We’ve explained the term in detail while seeing how you “mic up” in Discord.

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