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What Does “Link Up” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Link Up Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun social media platform, especially for teenagers, for its interesting effects and filters.

You can connect with friends, share snaps and interact in many ways to create fun. Besides, over time you can grow your followers and eventually have your new internet family even if you’ve never met.

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The thing with Snapchat becoming popular with the young generation is that so many slang words get coined and used on the platform. It’s hard to keep up with the phrases, and you must search for the meaning of the words online. One such word is “link up.” The meaning of it will surprise you, but you may never get the hang of some conversations unless you research and understand their meaning.

In this guide, we will cover why Snapchat is popular with new slang words and phrases, understand what “link up” means on Snapchat, and look at other common Snapchat slang terms. If you are wondering or trying to keep up with Snapchat terms, we got your back. So, hang around, and let’s get into it.

Why Is Snapchat Popular with Slang Terms?

Snapchat records millions of daily users, and the majority are Generation Z, the teens. For Snapchat, this is good news as it means profits on their side. For the parents or new users, there is much to catch up on regarding the slang used.

The main reason Snapchat has multiple slang terms is that it is famous with the teens who love creating a texting-coded language that favors their needs.

Most words or phrases are created to ensure only the target audience understands the meaning. As a parent, you may miss understanding what their kids are texting, but don’t be surprised because that’s what they intend to achieve. A language of the teens for the teens.

Luckily, with a guide like this, you remain informed and better keep a tab on what your kids are texting.

What Does “Link Up” Mean on Snapchat?

When someone wants to text you that you should meet with them, they use “link up”. You can see someone sending you a message on Snapchat telling you to link up with them. Don’t overthink. They mean you guys should meet up. Let’s have some examples to understand the usage of the term better.

A message like, “Hey Cate, want to link up this weekend?”

The sender is asking the person named Cate if she would love to meet up with the sender on the weekend. With that understanding, you can now relate to someone using the term in a different context. Plus, you can find the word on other social platforms, but the meaning is still the same.

Other Popular Snapchat Slang Terms

It’s nearly impossible to keep count of the total slang terms used on Snapchat. The much we can do is to keep a tab on the new terms and update users whenever possible. We’ve already seen what link up means, but it’s good to see other words you can come across. They include:

  • Snap Back (SB): when someone uses “SB”, they are telling the receiver to reply to their text. Its commonly used with people who are snapping, and when one takes their time to respond, they can get an “SB” message.
  • No replies (NRS): when used, it means that the person is not in a position to replay your snaps. Instead, they send an “NRS” to tell you to be patient as they can’t reply currently.
  • Pop Up (PU): When someone wants you to message them on Snapchat, they send a “PU”. It’s a direct way of telling you to get back on the app and text them.
  • LMP: the acronym is common on Snapchat stories or messages. It’s a way of that person telling you to like their picture. It means. “Like my picture.”
  • MMS: when someone is excited about something, and they want to tell you that, they send an MMS. It means Made Me Smile.”

We can hardly exhaust all the slang terms used on Snapchat. However, the five presented in this guide are common; if you are new to the platform, they will come in handy. Are you stuck on a Snapchat term? Search for the word online. You will surely get its meaning on the internet.


Link Up is a common Snapchat term used when someone wants to tell you to meet up with them. Like Link Up, there are other Snapchat slang terms used on the platform, and we presented the common ones to come across. Still, feel free to look for more Snapchat terms on the internet. You can’t exhaust them all.

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