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What Does “ISK” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Isk&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Users in the 18 and 24 years age bracket are mostly on Snapchat. It vividly explains the prevalence of slang on this platform, and I am not surprised. However, it doesn’t mean younger or older users than the stated category haven’t shifted to this new trend.

Has anyone messaged you ‘ISK’ on Snapchat and got you scratching your head?

Quick Answer

ISK‘ is an abbreviation for ‘I don’t know‘ on Snapchat. Yes, I am sure you are wondering why the letter ‘D’ isn’t in the acronym. I will explain this in detail somewhere in the article.

Not all acronyms use the first letters of their words. It doesn’t mean that they mean different. That is slang for you, and we love it as such.

You might have scoured the web for the correct long-form of this abbreviation and failed to demystify this mystery. Keep reading to learn more about ‘ISK’’on Snapchat and its use.

What Is “ISK” on Snapchat?

ISK‘ is the short form for ‘I don’t know‘ on Snapchat. It is funny how this acronym came about. In the slang, there is the letter ‘S.’ It is the short form for ‘since’ in this case. But in the long form, there is the word ‘don’t.’

How would ‘S’ be an acronym for ‘don’t’ Initially, people tried to say ‘IDK‘ as the short form for ‘I don’t know.’ But on QWERTY keyboards, ‘S’ is closer to ‘D.’ So, instead of pressing ‘D,’ they would press ‘S’ mistakenly and won’t be bothered to change it.

On Snapchat, people write it this way as a joke or could be making the same mistake from the olden days. For instance, someone on Snapchat can say, ‘ISK what to say about that coz I am shocked.’

Sometimes, it can be used to mean ‘I should know.’ In this case, you are letting the recipient know that you should know what to say but, in the real sense, don’t. It can be used as a placeholder for being speechless.

How Is “ISK” Used on Snapchat?

You can’t use ‘ISK’s long-form as you would in a face-to-face conversation. When someone uses this abbreviation for the first meaning discussed above, they are unaware of all the details in the context of the conversation.

They use the acronym to express their confusion about a subject. Or doubt what another person is telling you. Depending on how the acronym is used, it can start or end a conversation.

When used to start a conversation, you will need to reply effectively, and the chat might continue until one of you decides to close it. Sometimes, you can chat with a Snapchat user, and you feel bored, or they are nagging.

You can use ‘ISK’ on its own as a way to end the conversation. If they are smart enough and understand these social media streets, they will know they are irritating you and stop the conversation there.

When To Use “ISK” on Snapchat?

‘ISK’ if used for the common meaning known, the abbreviation can be a conversation starter or stopper. See below some situations when you can use the acronym on Snapchat:

  • If you are unsure about some or all details of a subject you are talking about in the conversation.
  • When you want to sympathize with someone’s situation and need to let them know that it is unfortunate that you can’t be there or give a perfect solution.
  • If you have gone through an overwhelming period or received saddening news and are emotional or lack words.
  • When you are irritated and wouldn’t want to offend anybody.

‘ISK’ is the perfect abbreviation if you want to snob someone on Snapchat but don’t want to block them.

How To Reply to “ISK” on Snapchat?

You can reply to messages with ‘ISK’ or ignore them. If you respond, type your answer or record a voice message. You can go fancy with snaps or relevant Bitmojis.

Other Meanings of “ISK”

‘ISK’ is also the short form for:

  • Interstellar Kredit
  • Islamic State Khorsan

Other meanings of the acronym are in the religion, currency, investment, and academic sectors.

Wrap Up

Don’t be fooled by some of these short forms. Some of them aren’t as direct as they look. ‘ISK’ is a good example where buddies make a mistake and form an abbreviation out of it. 

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