What Does “Emphasize” Mean on iMessage?

What Does &Quot;Emphasize&Quot; Mean On Imessage

iMessage is different from other messaging applications, and when you are a new iPhone user, you may notice you have received a message with emphasis.

Many users are unfamiliar with what the symbols mean on iMessage and how to use them.

If you are one of such individuals, you have come to the right place.

Today, we’ll explain what “Emphasize” means on iMessage.

Quick Answer

Emphasize is one of the numerous tap-back expressions on iPhone that indicates a person has reacted to a message. Emphasize does not indicate like or dislike, but it shows a person was excited about a text. Also, a person may want to indicate to you they saw the text and they may not reply.

The many expressions on iMessage may make you think you are dumb. Thankfully, this guide has explained what emphasize means on iMessage and how to use it to respond to a person.

What Does Emphasize Mean on iMessage?

Emphasize is one of iPhone users’ expressions to reply to given texts.

When a user receives a text, and they don’t want to respond with a text, they can tap back on the message and choose the double exclamation marks.

Therefore, emphasize means the sender clicked on the double exclamation marks.

Emphasize shows someone has seen your message and reacted with the exclamation emoji. The emoji is built into the iPhone and can be used in the following situations.

Use #1: To Show Excitement

People use the emphasis when they want to show excitement toward a text.

Maybe you shared some good news, and there is no good way to express the excitement other than using emphasis.

Use #2: Indicate Agreement

Sometimes, when you have proposed something to somebody, they may use the double exclamation emoji to show they agree with your proposal.

Use #3: To Show Someone is Busy

Sometimes, when a person is too busy, they can use emphasis to indicate they will not bother replying to your text.

It is easier to send the emphasize icon than to type a whole text.

Use #4: Show a Message Has Been Received

People can use emphasis to indicate they have received and read your text.

Instead of leaving a text without replying, this shows responsiveness.

How To Respond to a Message With Emphasize on iMessage

iPhone has offered users many expressions when using the iMessage application, making the user experience the best.

As indicated below, you can use the emphasize icon anytime without installing any tool:

  1. Open iMessage and open a chat.Open The Conversation To Play The Game With.
  2. Navigate to the message and double-tap on it.Touch And Hold The Message Received.
  3. Select the double exclamation mark.Select The Double Exclamation Mark.

Sending emphasis is easy, which is why many iPhone users have used it. Thus, if you want to use it, follow the steps above.


iPhone users can easily react to text messages using the numerous expressions offered.

Users must tap back and choose the desired expression they wish to use.

But, if you are new to the iPhone and don’t understand what emphasize means or how to use it, this guide has explained it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “emphasize” mean on iMessage?

Emphasize means a person showed excitement toward your text. When you send a person a text, they can choose to respond by sending emphasis. They do so by tapping on the double exclamation icon. Moreover, it is a sign a person has seen and read your message. They may emphasize when someone does not want to reply or agrees with you.

Can I use “emphasize” on Android?

Emphasize is one of the expressions made available on iPhone and other Apple devices. Therefore, it may not be possible to use it on Android, as it is not available on the Android system.

How do I find the “emphasize” on iMessage?

Emphasize is an easy expression you can evoke using tap back on your iPhone. When you use the icon, find a message you want to reply to and double-click on it. You will notice many expressions are indicated. Select the double exclamation mark icon, and send the emphasize icon to the other party.

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