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How To Cheat in Microsoft Teams Interview

How To Cheat In Microsoft Teams Interview

Remote interviews offer more flexibility than physical interviews. With a remote interview, you will use a videoconferencing app like Microsoft Teams, where the interviewer will join and engage you in the interview in the comfort of your home.

The good thing about that is it’s possible to cheat in the interview to increase your chances of getting the job.

So, how can you cheat in a Microsoft Teams interview without getting caught?

Quick Answer

The easiest way to cheat in a Microsoft Teams interview is to create a cheat sheet of the things you anticipate the interviewer will ask you about. You can then place the cheat sheet at eye level on the computer to read and answer while maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. Alternatively, you can open another window to check answers to the interviewer’s questions without them noticing.

Cheat In Microsoft Teams Interview

This guide discusses whether cheating in a Microsoft Teams interview is possible. Also, we will cover the steps for cheating in the Microsoft Team interview and how to succeed without getting caught. Lastly, we will cover common questions regarding cheating in online interviews.

Can You Cheat in Microsoft Teams Interview?

Yes, you can.

Online interviews have the advantage that you can get interviewed without having to travel. All you need is to join the interview session using an application like Microsoft Teams, and the interview begins.

On Microsoft Teams, you will engage with the interviewer face to face, but they can’t see your screen unless you share it. Therefore, you can have different windows on the computer acting as resources and a cheat sheet to aid in the interview.

Besides, if you sit in a room full of sticky notes or charts outlining concepts that you expected to be questioned in the interview, you can cheat without getting noticed. Online interviews are great for reducing movement and saving time and effort, but the credibility of the interview is questionable.

The interviewer can’t monitor your reaction in person, and an online interview allows people to cheat and fake their personality more easily than during an in-person interview.

How To Cheat in Microsoft Teams Interview

Cheating in Microsoft Teams interviews is easy. No one is watching what you have with you or what you’ve stuck on your computer’s screen or the wall. Therefore, the interviewer can’t assess the credibility of your response.

Here are various tips to help you cheat in a Microsoft Teams interview.

Research the Job Position

The first task is to research the job position or the company.

You can’t pass an interview unless you have gathered adequate information about what the companies deal in or the job position you’ve applied for.

So, research before the interview date to understand all the details about the company and the job position.

Create a Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is a summary of the key points. A cheat sheet is based on the research you did. So, analyze the company and note the key points related to the job position you are getting interviewed for.

Also, include your information on the cheat sheet.

For instance, research the popular questions asked in an interview and how you should answer them, such as “What makes you suitable for this position?”

That way, you won’t have difficulty explaining yourself to the interviewer as you have a cheat sheet to trigger your thinking.

Position the Cheat Sheet

Once your cheat sheet is ready, stick it next to your computer on the edges.

Ensure the positioning is near the camera so that you can still maintain eye contact with the interviewer when you check the cheat sheet.

Alternatively, you can open a browser tab containing the details you want to confirm during the interview and arrange the window alongside the Microsoft Teams window.

That way, you can read the contents on your browser tab when responding to the interview questions.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is not a way of cheating but a helpful trick for remaining confident during the interview.

When using a cheat sheet and maintaining eye contact, the interviewer can’t suspect that you are cheating.

Avoid Unnecessary Movements

Lastly, avoid unnecessary or fishy movements when in the interview session.

Movements can signal that you are uncomfortable with what you are doing, which could indicate cheating.

So, remain composed throughout the interview and attentive to all questions.


Cheating in an online interview is easy.

Research the company and common interview questions, then draft a cheat sheet. Position the cheat sheet on your computer’s screen where you can read while maintaining eye contact.

That’s it. Your interviewer won’t realize that you are cheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cheat in an online interview?

Cheating requires you to create a cheat sheet of all the details you expect to be interviewed about. Once you have your cheat sheet, position it on your screen where you can read information from it while maintaining eye contact. That way, you will cheat without getting noticed.

Can you get caught cheating in a Microsoft Teams interview?

Yes, you can. For instance, wearing glasses can reflect what’s on your screen, and the interviewer can notice that you have sticky notes or open tabs where you are reading from. Still, if you fail to maintain eye contact, it could mean you are reading elsewhere.

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