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What Does “DWS” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Dws Mean On Snapchat

If you are new to Snapchat and feel almost lost due to all these new acronyms, you aren’t alone. Though there are some common terms used on every social media platform, some of them are specific only to some platforms.

Quick Answer

So, if you see someone use “dws” on their snap, it can either mean “dealing with shit”, “dripping with sarcasm” or “dats wassup”. Since this is a common term, there are several ways to use the acronyms on Snapchat.

Read on to improve your Snapchat lingo and know more about the common acronym.

The Popular Ways To Use “DWS” on Snapchat

If you have come across the acronym “dws” being used on Snapchat, rest assured that it has got nothing to do with the “Drinking Water Standard” or the “Department of Women’s Studies”. Unless, of course, you are on a page that deals with these topics!

DWS on Snapchat can mean one of the three things:

  • dealing with shit
  • dripping with sarcasm
  • dats wassup

For instance, when someone says something like, “Oh, you didn’t know you need to work every week till you retire! Dws”, they are being sarcastic. But when your friend posts about his life problems with “dws”, maybe he needs a bit of support from you!

Examples of Using “DWS” in Your Conversations

Let’s explain the different meanings of “DWS” further using a few examples to help you use it right.

Dealing with shit

Simply stated, it refers to handling the pressure or stress that life has brought your way. We completely understand if you want to keep interactions to a minimum while you are “dws”!

And here’s how you can convey the message to everyone else on Snapchat:

  • Friend: “Hey, wanna hang out at Sam’s place tonight?
  • You: “Can’t! Dws right now.”

Dripping with sarcasm

If you speak fluent sarcasm, you will use a lot more “dws” in your conversations. But, as you already know, sarcasm is not always that easy to understand for others. So, think of “dws” as something you use to make the humor more obvious! Let’s look at an example, shall we?

  • Friend: “Sara has not been returning my calls since the last day.”
  • You: “That’s really rude of her after she caught you red-handed with Mia yesterday. Dws.”

Dats wassup

It’s an acronym you use to let others know what you are doing at the moment. Maybe you need to decline their offer or plans – just use “dws”!

Here’s how you use “dws” in your interactions:

  • Friend: “What are you doing tonight? Come over to my place.”
  • You: “Gotta complete a ton of homework. Dws tonight.”


Hopefully, the Snapchat acronym “dws” will not feel too difficult to you anymore. And if you still come across any other use of “dws” or something else that you don’t quite understand, simply drop the person a text and ask! You won’t get the meaning wrong that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I send snaps to my friend every day for two months?

If you constantly send snaps to a person for each day of the month, you have something called a “snap streak” going. Eventually, you will see a flame sign beside their name, along with a number that marks the number of days you have been sending the snaps.

What does “SMO” mean on Snapchat?

“SMO” is a common acronym used in Snapchat to ask someone to promote your account on their stories. You can use it as a way of mutual promotions with other Snapchat users.

When does someone say “SCM” on Snapchat?

When you want to move the conversation to Snapchat or simply want to start a snap streak with someone, use “scm” or “Snapchat Me” to convey your message.

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