How To Win Sea Battle on iMessage?

How To Win Sea Battle On Imessage

Daily activities sometimes make you forget how to have fun. If you have played many games or watched anime growing up, you should be familiar with battleships.

Thankfully, you can still play the game as an adult, especially if you use an Apple device. 

Like any other Arcade game, you might have played as a kid, Sea Battle or Battleship is fun, challenging, and exciting. Its rules are no different from the Sea Battle game you used to know.

To enjoy the game to the fullest, it’s best to know how to win Sea Battle on iMessage. Read on to find out just that!

Quick Answer

If you want to win Sea Battle on iMessage, strategically place your boats on the board, locate your enemy’s ships, have a battleship ready for action, and then target and hit.

Besides the general tactics most people use to win Sea Battle, some hidden tricks and strategies can help you win the game effortlessly.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to be a master at the Sea Battle game, and have fun while doing so.

What Is the Sea Battle Game?

Sea Battle is an iMessage extension game similar to the Battleship you played or knew as a child. This GamePigeon game is one of the most played and fun games on the iPhone.

This may be attributed to the compelling and thought-provoking aspects of the game. As a multiplayer game, it’s an excellent way to catch up with friends while relaxing.

It’s no news that players are glued to the game and trying all means to win the battles.

Well, how to win the Sea Battle on iMessage is no different than how you would win it in a board game. You only need to master the game, tricks, and rules and make the correct guesses.

How To Install GamePigeon Sea Battle?

Although you can play Sea Battle as part of iMessage, you still have to install it from the Apple Play Store.

Follow the instructions below to get the GamePigeon App:

  1. Open the Messages app on your iOS device.Open The Messaging App On Your Ios Device.
  2. Open any conversation.Open The Conversation To Play The Game With.
  3. Select the App Store icon from the app drawer at the bottom.Tap On The&Nbsp;Apple Store Icon&Nbsp;In The Navigation Drawer At The Bottom.
  4. Tap the search icon in the top right corner.Tap The&Nbsp;Magnifying Glass Icon&Nbsp;At The Top.
  5. Enter “GamePigeon” in the search bar and hit the search button.Search For&Nbsp;Gamepigeon.
  6. Tap “Get” next to the GamePigeon app.Tap On The&Nbsp;Get&Nbsp;Button Next To Gamepigeon
  7. Once it has finished installing, go back to Messages.Open The Messaging App On Your Ios Device.
  8. Select a friend you want to play the GamePigeon Battleship game with. Open The Conversation To Play The Game With.
  9. Tap the GamePigeon icon from the app drawer.Select The Gamepigeon Icon Above The Chat
  10. Select “Sea Battle” among other games outlined.Select Sea Battle Among Other Games Outlined.
  11. Select the game mode and hit the send button.Select The Game Mode And Hit The Send Button.

What Are the Rules of Sea Battle?

One of the ways to win Sea Battle is to familiarise yourself with the following rules:

  • All the players must position their Battleships on the board to begin the game.
  • You must predict the position of the other player’s ship to know where and when to target.
  • The goal is to destroy the enemy’s five ships. The player who ultimately destroys the enemy’s ship first wins the battle.

How Do You Play Sea Battle on iMessage?

Sea Battle is a strategy game. It involves excellent defense and intelligent moves. Even at that, it takes work to guess how your opponent will play the game.

Traditionally, each player has two ten-by-ten grids, a horizontally-arranged grid for your ships and another grid arranged vertically.

The grids in vertical form act as a barrier preventing each player from seeing their opponent’s ships. Since the other player cannot see your screen on the iPhone, the barrier doesn’t matter.

The game can begin once the players have placed their ships on the grid horizontally or vertically. Remember, you can’t place the ships exactly next to one another.

If you initiate the game, then your opponents start first. Once they are done playing, you will receive a message that it’s your turn.  

Start the game by predicting the location of your opponent’s ship on the grid and tap on a block to confirm it. Tap the “Fire” button at the bottom of the screen to hit the marked location.

The game will automatically mark misses and hits each player makes. This goes on until you sink your enemy’s ships, or they sink yours entirely. At that point, the player who took down the ships is declared the winner.

Tips and Tricks To Win Sea Battle

Below are some tips and tricks to win a Sea Battle game on iMessage.

Tip #1: View Sea Battle as a Checkerboard

A typical checkerboard has adjacent squares in different colors.

Ensure you hit the patterns, as each square contains a component of the ship.

This strategy reduces the area you will need to fire at by half.

Tip #2: Avoid Patterns

It’s important not to place your ships in patterns on the board.

For example, positioning all your ships on the edges or in a vertical arrangement makes it easy for your opponent to guess right before hitting your ships.

Similarly, don’t do a random search all over the board—instead, target and hit.

Tip #3: Put Your Ships in Corners

The best place to place your ships in Sea Battle is in the grid corners.

This position will give you a barrier advantage and make it more challenging for your opponent to hit your ships.

However, this should be done occasionally to prevent your opponent from predicting your moves.

Tip #4: Keep Hitting Until You Knock Out

The strategy to knock out a ship entirely is repetition.

Once you hit a particular ship, keep going until it’s out entirely.


The Sea Battle game on iMessage is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself on your iPhone.

It offers players challenging tasks involving making clever moves, defending, and accurately hitting their opponent’s ships.

There are no specific cheats to help you win Sea Battle on iMessage.

However, the tips in this guide will help you be a master of the game in a short time.

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