How To Win Discord Giveaways?

How To Win Discord Giveaways

Discord is one of the most popular social media platforms ever to exist.

It has become the hub for creatives, gamers, and NFT artists to converse with people of like minds.

Creatives use this platform to engage with their customers and audience. One way they do this is by using Discord bots for giveaways.

How do you win Discord giveaways if you want in on the free gifts?

Quick Answer

Go to the targeted giveaway bot website and try to gain access to their developer’s mode. Do this by asking the website owners or hacking the website. Once given access, manipulate the bot commands through the backend and launch the bot. Wait for it to drop the free giveaways on your account.

This article will break down different ways to win a Discord giveaway. It also details how to redeem your prizes and spot fake giveaways.

Discord Giveaways

The introduction of bots on the Discord platform caused it to become very popular.

These bots enable automated activities such as managing a server, providing administrative functions, managing tips, etc.

Bots also mediate discord giveaways to ensure effectiveness.

Winning a Discord Giveaway

We’ll explain two methods to win a Discord giveaway below.

Method #1: Apply Using Different Accounts

Usually, when you see a giveaway on Discord, there are different ways to enter it. It is generally through bots and reacting to the post to enter.

The giveaway bots would randomly pick a winner and contact you if you were chosen. You can apply using different Discord accounts to increase your chances.

This could be multiple personal accounts or using existing accounts of other people.

Here is how to apply for a Discord giveaway using different Discord accounts:

  1. Go to discord.com on your browserGo To Discordapp.com On Your Browser
  2. Click on ‘Open Discord in your browser.’Click On 'Open Discord In Your Browser.'
  3. Enter the username of your choice.Enter The Username Of Your Choice.
  4. Complete the Captcha and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the account.Complete The Captcha

Once done, you can use your second account to apply for the giveaway. You can do this multiple times, depending on how many accounts you want to create.

Method #2: Hack the Bot

Another effective but suspicious way to win a Discord giveaway is hacking the Discord server. This will be more effective if you have a knowledge of coding.

Here is how to win a Discord giveaway by hacking the bot:

  1. Go to the dedicated bot website.Open Translator Bot's Dashboard.
  2. Try to access the developer’s mode.Try To Access The Developer's Mode.
  3. Alter the code.
  4. Customize the commands.
  5. Launch the bot to operate.
  6. Wait for the bot to drop the giveaway on your account and Log off.

What Happens When You Win a Discord Giveaway?

When you join a server, chances are that many activities are going on there. One such activity could be a giveaway with directions on how to win. If you apply and win, there are specific procedures to follow to claim your prize.

You will initially be contacted by either a mod or a person to inform you that you won. Then, you talk about how the gift should be processed and sent to you.

How To Spot a Fake Discord Giveaway?

Giveaways have become a mainstay on Discord, and because everyone wants a piece of it, cybercriminals can take advantage of this to propagate fake ones.

Fake giveaways are ploys by scammers to defraud users of their personal information or money. As much as Discord is a great platform, thousands are scammed daily.

Here are three ways to spot a fake Discord giveaway:

  1. Messages from unverified or untrusted users claiming you have won a giveaway.
  2. Messages from giveaway bots claiming you won a giveaway you never applied for.
  3. Requesting personal information from you to process your alleged prize.

If you are messaged by anyone claiming you won a giveaway, try to message the official Discord channel or any other social media platform to confirm.

You can also ask for clarifications on how to process your prize. If you get a random message immediately after you join a server that you have won a giveaway, it is almost definitely a scam.

Other tricks scammers use on unsuspecting victims include premium Discord Nitro, fake NFT drops, crypto schemes, dangerous links, etc.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to win the Discord giveaway of your dream.

You can apply for the same giveaway using different accounts to increase your chances of winning.

It is also possible to hack the Discord giveaway bot, although it is not advisable.

The process to achieve this is explained in this article.


Is bot hacking illegal?

Yes. It is considered illegal to hack a Discord giveaway bot in many countries and a cybercrime. You may have to check your state’s cybercrime laws to ensure you are not committing a crime.

Can I be banned from Discord for bot-hacking?

Yes, you can. If the owners of the servers notice that you have hacked the giveaway bots, they reserve the right to kick you out of their platform. You can also be kicked off Discord if this is reported.

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