How To Use Stereo Mix on Discord

How To Use Stereo Mix On Discord

It is possible to set up a stereo mix on your PC and use it on your Discord.

When you want to use your microphone on Discord, such as playing music and everyone on the server to hear, you can use the stereo mix option. Here, no bots or third-party applications are required. Only the configurations on your PC are needed, and on Discord. Once that is done, you will successfully use the stereo mix on Discord.

Quick Answer

The first step is to enable stereo mix on your PC. Open the Control Panel on your PC and click on the option for “Hardware and Sound.” Tap on the “Manage audio devices” option under the “Sound” section. Click on the “Recordings” tab and right-click in the empty area. Ensure that in the window that appears, the options for showing disabled devices and disconnected devices are enabled. Lastly, enable the “Stereo mix” option and select it on Discord to start using it.

We will understand why enabling the stereo mic is essential. Next, we will cover the steps to enable the stereo mix on your PC and how to use the stereo mix on Discord. Let’s kick in!

Why Enable Stereo Mix on Discord?

When you are on a server with your friends, you may want to play music on your PC and share it with them to lighten the mood.

Ideally, Discord offers various music bots to achieve such a task. However, you can play music on your PC on a Discord server.

Discord lets you share your PC’s audio to a server, but you need the stereo mix to make that happen. Once you enable the stereo mix feature, you can select Discord as the input source.

That way, any sound on your computer’s microphone, including music, will be played to the voice channel for others to listen to.

How To Use Stereo Mix on Discord

We will use Windows 10 to demonstrate the steps you should follow when sharing your computer’s mic on Discord.

Here’s how to use the stereo mix on Discord.

  1. Click on the Start button on your computer.Click The Windows Icon
  2. Search for “Control panel” and click on it.Search For Control Panel And Click On It.
  3. Once the Control Panel opens, click the option for “Hardware and Sound”.Click The Option For Hardware And Sound.
  4. Tap the option for “Manage audio devices” in the “Sound” section.Tap The Option For Manage Audio Devices
  5. On the “Sound” window that will appear, click on the “Recording” tab.Click On The Recording Tab.
  6. Right-click on an empty area inside the tab and tick the options for “show disabled device” and “show disconnected devices”.Right-Click On An Empty Area And Tick The Options
  7. You will note that the “Stereo mix” option now appears.Stereo Mix Option Now Appears.
  8. Enable the “Stereo mix” option and click “OK”> “Apply”.Enable The Stereo Mix Option

For some users, you may notice that the stereo mix option doesn’t appear despite following all the presented options. If you are experiencing such a case, you have outdated audio drivers. So, update them and repeat the process to enable the stereo mix option.

The next step is to use the stereo mix on Discord. First, try playing music on your computer and verifying if your friends can listen to it. If they can’t, the stereo mix is not set as the input option on your Discord.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Open your Discord application and sign in.Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Click the gear icon at the bottom.Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. On the “User settings” page, click the “Voice & Video” section.Open The Voice &Amp; Video Tab.
  4. Locate the “Input source”, click the dropdown arrow, and ensure the “Stereo mix” is the set option.Ensure The Stereo Mix Is The Set Option

All is now set. Open your voice channel and play music on your computer. Everyone on the server will hear the music on your computer via your microphone.


When you want to use the stereo mix on Discord, you must first enable it on your sound settings.

We’ve seen the steps to follow to enable stereo mix on a Windows computer.

After that, open your Discord and ensure the “Stereo mix” is the set input source in the “Voice & video” section.

Once that is done, you can enjoy entertaining your friends on the server.

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