How To Use ManyCam on WhatsApp Video Call

How To Use Manycam On Whatsapp Video Call

ManyCam is a virtual live-streaming and camera software that helps your live videos, streaming, video conferencing, and remote learning videos look crisp and professional.

Suppose you use WhatsApp video calls frequently for work, conferencing, and talking with family and friends. In that case, ManyCam tools like background images, various camera angles, and a live video recording window can help improve your WhatsApp video quality.

Quick Answer

Using ManyCam on WhatsApp video calls is relatively easy. You’ll need to download the ManyCam app and WhatsApp desktop version to your PC and link your WhatsApp devices (mobile and desktop). Next, launch ManyCam and right-click on the black window. Click “Images and Videos” and select a media file from your PC.

Launch WhatsApp Desktop and click on the contact you want to video call, and start video calling. Click the three dots at the top right corner, select “ManyCam Virtual Webcam,” then select “ManyCam” under the “Microphone.”

Read to the end to learn how to use ManyCam on WhatsApp video calls and how to set up these apps on your PC.

Overview of Using ManyCam on WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp is a global household name as it’s among the most used messaging platforms, with approximately 2 billion active users. This app is famous for its versatile features, including text and voice chats, file sharing, and many more.

Another convenient WhatsApp feature is a video call. Besides having real-time conversations with friends and family, WhatsApp video call is ideal for many professional, business, and recreational activities.

For example, professionals who rely on digital platforms to sell specific products can use WhatsApp videos to pitch and demonstrate product usage to clients. Professionals like teachers can also use this feature to tutor small student groups, while Real Estate Agents can engage potential clients on virtual tours using WhatsApp videos.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp video has limited video quality enhancement features, and your videos might not look crisp and clear.


This is where third-party virtual video conferencing tools like ManyCam come in. This tool has additional features to improve and personalize your live videos. These features include screen casting, different camera angles, video quality enhancement, virtual backgrounds, and many more.

If you are a content creator who relies on WhatsApp video calls to interact with your audience, using ManyCam on WhatsApp is an excellent way to improve your videos. You can integrate features like picture-in-picture layers, different camera angles, and media switchers for scenes from various sources.

You can also add high-quality background videos and images or your video calls, use Artificial Intelligence (AI) models for accurate background removal, and customize your WhatApp video screen presets and layer options.

Overall, ManyCam is ideal for users who want to move from the traditional grainy WhatsApp video calls to clear, high-quality professional videos.

Next, we discuss how to set up WhatsApp and the ManyCam app on your PC and how to use ManyCam to make WhatsApp video calls.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using ManyCam on WhatsApp Video Call

Before using ManyCam on WhatsApp, you’ll need to download both apps on your PC. Follow the steps below to download ManyCam.

  1. Open your computer’s web browser and go to the Manycam website.Go To The Manycam Website.
  2. Scroll down the page and download it for Windows or Mac, depending on your computer.Download Manycam For Windows Or Mac
  3. Wait for the ManyCam app download to complete.Wait For The Manycam App Download To Complete.
  4. Go to your “Downloads” folder and double-click the ManyCam file to install.Double-Click The Manycam File To Install
  5. Click “Install” and complete the installation process.Click Install And Complete The Installation Process.

Follow the steps below to download the WhatsApp Desktop version.

  1. On a Windows computer:
    • Open the Microsoft Store and get WhatsApp Desktop from there.Go To Your Respective Application Store Microsoft Store
    • Visit the WhatsApp website, click “Get it from Microsoft,” select “Open Microsoft Store” on the pop-up window and click “Get.”Click Get It From Microsoft
  2. On Mac, download WhatsApp Desktop from the Mac App Store.
  3. Wait for the app download and installation to complete.

After installing ManyCam and WhatsApp for Desktop on your PC, the next step is to link your WhatsApp mobile app to the desktop version. Follow the steps below.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your PC and then on your phone.Whatsapp App On Mobile
  2. On the mobile app, tap on the three dots at the top-right edge of the screen.More Or Three Dots Icon Whatsapp
  3. Tap “Settings” and tap on the QR code on the right side of your username.Tap On The Qr Code On The Right Side
  4. Select “Scan Code.”Select Scan Code.
  5. Direct your phone camera to the PC Screen to capture the code displayed on the WhatsApp desktop app.Capture The Code Displayed
  6. The Desktop app will mirror all your WhatsApp mobile app data.

After linking the mobile and desktop WhatsApp apps, the next step is to use ManyCam for your WhatsApp video call. Follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the ManyCam app on your PC.Launch The Manycam App On Your Pc.
  2. Right-click on the black video window.Right-Click On The Black Video Window.
  3. Click “Images and Videos” and select a media file from your PC.Click Images And Videos And Select A Media File
  4. Minimize ManyCam and open the WhatsApp Desktop app.Open Your Whatsapp Pc
  5. Scroll down the contacts panel, then click on the person you want to video call.Click On The Person You Want To Video Call
  6. Click the video call icon.Click The Video Call Icon.
  7. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen and select “ManyCam virtual webcam.”Select Manycam Virtual Webcam.
  8. Choose “MicroPhone ManyCam” under the “Microphone” option.Choose Microphone Manycam
  9. If the person you’re calling picks up your call, they’ll see your ManyCam video.


As you’ve learned from this post, using ManyCam for your WhatsApp video calls is relatively easy. ManyCam is ideal for WhatsApp video users like content creators, online retailers, and real estate agents who use live videos to talk to and demonstrate product usage to clients.

Content creators who use WhatsApp videos to engage their audience can use features like picture-in-picture layers, camera angles, and media switchers for scenes from different sources to enhance their videos.

For users who use WhatsApp video for professional video conferencing, ManyCams features like presets, layouts, customizable backgrounds, and images can help your videos look crisp and high-quality.

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