Why Can’t Dogs Hear Me on FaceTime?

Why Can't Dogs Hear Me On Facetime

When you love your dog, you may want to keep in touch even when you are far away. You could have traveled for vacation and left your dog with your sibling or friendly neighbor.

Whatever the case, you may wish to FaceTime your friend and think about seeing and speaking with your dog. Wait, can the dog hear you on FaceTime? We will discuss what happens when you try to talk to a dog on FaceTime.

Quick Answer

You should note that every dog reacts differently when on FaceTime. Many dogs hardly recognize you on FaceTime. Dogs rely on sniffing to see if they recognize you; they can’t sniff you when on FaceTime. Moreover, the speaker will disorient your voice, making it difficult for the dog to recognize. However, if you have a clear speaker, the dog may jump up and down or wag its tail as a sign that it has recognized you.

We will discuss whether a dog can recognize you on FaceTime while mentioning why the dog can’t hear you on FaceTime. You will have an explanation for why your dog can’t hear you when you try to talk to it on FaceTime.

Why Can’t Dogs Hear Me on FaceTime?

When you are addicted to your dog, which becomes part of your family, you may feel uneasy when traveling and leaving your dog at home or with your friend. When you are away from the dog and wish to get a hold of it, you may consider using FaceTime. You could miss your dog and can’t help but want to see it and its reaction when it sees you.

The main question is whether the dog will recognize you. Unfortunately, many people have reported that their dogs fail to hear them on FaceTime. If you are facing the same case, you are not alone.

You should understand that a dog perceives things differently than a human. When you try FaceTime with it, different factors can make the dog fail to recognize you. Let’s discuss some of the common causes.

Poor Speaker Sound

You will be surprised to know that dogs have a way of recognizing their owner’s voice. So, when FaceTiming with your dog, your speaker may not give the best voice. Thus, your dog won’t recognize your voice and will not recognize you.

How your voice sounds on a speaker differs from in person. Your dog lacks the intelligence to realize this, which could be why it can’t hear you when using FaceTime.

Small Screen Size

How you appear on FaceTime is now how you appear in person. Your dog is used to seeing your full height. So, it will be difficult if you try to make the dog recognize you on a small screen, such as on the phone.

If the dog can’t recognize you, it won’t focus on you or try to hear you as you try to speak to it. Moreover, your dog won’t recognize you if your sound is unclear and the screen size is small.

It Can’t Smell You

Dogs rely on smell to recognize someone quickly. Even if the dogs see you on FaceTime, they will try to sniff you to confirm it is you. Unfortunately, it can’t sniff via FaceTime and won’t recognize you.

A dog’s receptor will automatically catch your scent, and since that can’t happen over the phone, your dog will likely not focus on you as it can’t recognize you.

Not Interested in FaceTime

Not all dogs are focused on watching images or videos. When you are away, and someone tries to make your dog FaceTime with you, the dog may be uninterested.

If the dog can’t focus on the screen, it will barely get any hints that you are trying to talk with it. Such a case gives you no chance of bonding with your dog remotely.


A dog relies on smell, voice, and sight to recognize someone. When on FaceTime, your dog will have difficulty identifying you. Thus, it will likely not hear you.

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