How To Track Someone’s iMessage

How To Track Someone's Imessage

iMessage is a messaging option available for Apple users, where they can communicate with fellow Apple users via the internet.

When your loved one, such as your kid, remains glued to their phone every time to chat with their friends via iMessage, you may get curious or suspicious about what they are talking about. As a parent, it makes sense that you want a way to track your kid’s iMessage. We will see how to achieve that.

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iMessage has billions of users, and many people are looking for a way to track someone’s iMessages. Here’s the thing, if you have the target person’s Apple ID credentials, you can log in on another device and access their iMessage. Still, you can use their Apple credentials to access their iTunes backup and see their iMessages. Moreover, you can install a spy or parental control app and utilize it to spy on the person’s iMessage secretly.

We will cover reasons why people look for ways to track iMessages. Also, we will discuss different options you can use to track someone’s iMessage. Hopefully, you will have a method that works for your case by the end of this guide.

Why Track Someone’s iMessage?

Apple users use iMessage to communicate with their friends via the internet. When you notice your loved one is on their iOS device, you may get suspicious about who they are texting. It could be your partner who recently started to act differently and is ever glued to their phone. Still, it could be your kid on their phone chatting and smiling every time.

When you have such a case, you may want a secret way of tracking what your loved one is sharing on iMessage. Whether you want to track their messages or see who they are chatting with, there are different tricks you can use.

Your goal is to track someone’s iMessage without them knowing, right? We will discuss different options you can use to access someone’s iMessage.

How To Track Someone’s iMessage

iMessage only works for Apple users and offers them a secure way to communicate. With iMessage, you only need someone’s email or iCloud username to contact them via iMessage.

If you want to keep your kids safe by monitoring who they chat with, then you must have a way to track their iMessage. Here are the different options you can use.

Sign Into Their iCloud

If the person you want to track is someone close to you, you likely know their iCloud credentials associated with iMessage. For this method to work, you must have a spare iPhone or iPad and access to the target person’s phone.

Once that is sorted, open your iPhone or iPad and sign in to iCloud on your device using the iCloud credentials of the target person. Once you access their iMessage, a notification will be sent to the target person’s phone. Find the notification and clear it before they notice.

You can now access the person’s iMessages and see what they send and receive without them knowing. If someone is cheating on you, this method will help you catch them. As a parent, you will manage to monitor your kid’s activities efficiently.

With this method, you can also sign in to iCloud on a Mac if you don’t have an extra iPhone or iPad. Once signed in, clear the notification sent to their phone.

Use a Spy App

There are numerous spy or parental control apps that help with monitoring someone’s phone. All you need is to have access to the target person’s phone. Once you do, get the spy app and install it on their phone. Follow the instructions to set up the spy app on the target phone.

Access the control panel for the installed spay app on your phone and monitor all the iMessages shared on the target phone. With a spy app, you will incur additional costs, but you will get access to the person’s phone and view all their conversations and calls.

Access Their iTunes Backup

Suppose you can access an iCloud backup extractor. You can use the Apple ID credentials of the target person to access their iTunes backup. Apple conducts regular backups. Hence, you will likely access their latest backup, containing their latest iMessage conversations.

With this method, you can keep a tab on what your target person is up to, provided they regularly back up their data.


Accessing someone’s iMessage for the right motive can be done in three main ways. You can use their Apple Credentials to access their iTunes backup, sign in to their iCloud on another device, or install a spy app on the target person’s phone and use it to monitor all the activities of the target person.

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