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How To Tell if Someone Has Deleted Messenger

How To Tell If Someone Has Deleted Messenger

There are over two billion Facebook users, so over two billion also have access to Messenger because that is the in-built messaging tool of Facebook.

But for those who don’t use it as their main communication tool, the Messenger app is unnecessary because they are not frequently messaging people there.

In fact, if you look at the data, only around 1 billion people use the Messenger app.

They prefer logging in to Facebook to talk to other users or using a different messaging app altogether.

So, how can you tell if someone has deleted Messenger?

Quick Answer

Sometimes, Facebook would tell you by asking you to recommend Messenger to the person you are chatting with. Their unresponsiveness and inactive status could also mean they don’t have the app. You could also try messaging their Facebook account through Instagram. That is possible only if they have Messenger.

If you want to be 100% sure, ask them if they are using the Messenger app, or you could look at the apps installed on their device.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

How To Tell If Someone Has Deleted Messenger

Knowing whether someone has deleted the Messenger app is difficult because as long as they use Facebook and message people there, they are using Messenger — just not the app.

You will not see whether the message was sent via the Messenger app, the Messenger website, or Facebook.

And there isn’t much difference between the web version and the app version of Messenger.

They cannot cross-message between Instagram and Facebook without the app, but they can still send messages, add emojis and stickers, do video calls, etc.

But of course, some minor indications could tell if someone is not using the Messenger app and responding to you through their Facebook account, but you need to pay attention.

Here are some of them!

Method #1: Facebook Asks You to Recommend Messenger to Them

A few years ago, whenever someone was chatting with a Facebook user who didn’t have Messenger installed on their phone — Facebook knew — you would see a note inside the chat room telling you to recommend Messenger.

Green Dot Or Invite Them To Messenger

You will not see this often, but if you do, they might have deleted Messenger.

Method #2: Check When They Were Last Active

If Messenger is installed on their device, they will be active most of the time because they are active as long as they are connected to the internet.

Last Active Feature On Facebook Messenger

They will be able to receive messages and calls even if they are not in the app. But note that this applies only to those whose “Active Status” is turned on.

If that person turned their “Active Status” off, there is no way to know whether they are active or not other than receiving a reply from them, calling them, and seeing Facebook status updates from them.

But some people ignore some people. Even if they are active on Messenger or Facebook (secretly), they can choose not to respond or answer the call if they don’t want to. They hid their “Active Status” for a reason!

Method #3: See How Quickly They Respond to Your Message

Getting a response quickly is a good sign that they are using Messenger, but it is not a foolproof sign.

Open Messenger And Choose The Message You Wish To Forward

They will be notified when someone sends a message or calls them, so they will see it. And if they use an Android device, the chat bubble will show up on their screen if it is turned on, so responding should be faster.

But it could be a case of “right timing.” Maybe they use Facebook on their computer when you message them; who knows?

Regardless, if it has been a week and you have not received any response from them, they may have deleted their Messenger — although they might just be ignoring you on purpose.

Method #4: Try to Message Their Facebook Account Through Instagram

The only thing that non-Messenger users can’t do is send and receive messages to and from an Instagram user.

This is because cross-messaging between Instagram and Facebook can be done only if the user has Messenger installed on their device.

So go ahead and open up your Instagram app. Go to the “Direct Messages” section and try to search for their Facebook account. If it doesn’t show up, they don’t have Messenger.

Method #5: Ask Them If Messenger Is Installed on Their Device

Want to be 100% sure?

Ask the person whether they use Messenger or not.

It may sound like an odd question, but knowing the answer can help you determine whether it is worth it to communicate with them via Messenger or if you should use a different app for them so you get a response from them.


What makes Messenger better than other messaging apps is that it is easy to find anyone there.

Facebook requires its users to use their real name, so if you want to message anyone via Messenger — whether it be Facebook Messenger, the Messenger website, or the Messenger app — there is a high chance you will find them if you know their first and last names.

Plus, you don’t need to add contacts from zero because your Facebook friends are your Messenger contacts. But you can add more contacts without adding them as friends on Facebook.

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