How To See When Someone Joined Discord?

How To See When Someone Joined Discord

Even though Discord was created primarily to serve gaming and developer communities, it has grown to accommodate other users who want to connect with friends and family.

Currently, this platform has approximately 150 million monthly active users. Discord’s communication system is organized into servers.

Information like when a member joined Discord is helpful to users who manage or moderate various servers. So, how can you find out when someone joined Discord?

Quick Answer

To see when someone joined Discord, you’ll need to enable Developer mode first. If the developer mode is enabled, go to the server with the member whose details you want to know. Next, go to the server settings and navigate to the “Members” tab. Click the three dots next to a member and select “Copy ID.” Finally, go to Discord Lookup and find out when they joined Discord.

Read on to learn how you can see when someone joined Discord.

Overview of Seeing When Someone Joined Discord

Discord is an ideal platform for creating communities with a common goal. For example, you can connect with fellow gamers, share knowledge, or catch up.

Like other social media platforms, sometimes scammers use new accounts to infiltrate communities. If you suspect a scammer is using a specific account, you can check when the account was created.

The account might belong to a scammer if the person joined Discord recently.

Please note that not all new accounts belong to scammers. But, if your server members are all relatively old and none have interacted with a specific account before, you may need to revoke their invitation.

Seeing when someone joined Discord is not limited to verifying if someone is a scammer. If you communicate with someone frequently, it’s normal to be curious about when they joined Discord.

It’s essential to note that Discord doesn’t have a user ID feature that displays account creation information. Instead, you’ll have to copy the person’s ID and then paste it on the Discord ID website.

Additionally, you’ll have to enable Developer mode. You’ll have to access the members’ list to check when a specific server member joined Discord.

Next, we discuss the exact steps to see when someone joined Discord.

Step-by-Step Guide To Seeing When Someone Joined Discord

Seeing when someone joined Discord takes two steps.

Step #1: Enable the Developer Mode

First, you’ll need to enable Developer mode. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Discord on your PC. Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Click on the settings icon on the bottom left. Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. Under “App Settings,” click on the “Advanced” tab. Select Advanced Under App Settings.
  4. Slide on the toggle next to “Developer mode.” Turn On The Developer Mode

Step #2: Find Out When Someone Joined Discord

After enabling the developer mode, follow the instructions below to see when a specific server member joined Discord:

  1. Go to the server with the member whose account creation details you wish to know. Select The Particular Server
  2. Click on the “Members” option on the left. Click On The People Icon
  3. Right-click on the username and select “Copy ID” from the pop-up menu. Hit Copy User Id.&Nbsp;
  4. Navigate to Discord Lookup on your favorite browser. Navigate To Discord Lookup
  5. Paste the User ID you copied in the “User ID/Any ID” text field and click the “Lookup” button.Paste The User's Id And Click Lookup.
  6. Complete the Captcha challenge to verify you’re human. Complete The Captcha
  7. Check when the person joined Discord under the “Created” tag. Check Discord Joined Date Under The Created Tag

Besides copying someone’s ID through the server’s members list, you can also copy it through the messages. If you communicate with the person regularly, open chats, click on their profile picture and select copy ID.

Avoid clicking on the message. If you click on the message instead of the profile picture, you’ll copy the message ID instead of the User ID. This means you won’t get accurate information on when the person Joined Discord.

If you think the message method is too complicated, use the server members’ method instead.


Unlike other social media apps, Discord doesn’t have a feature that displays account creation information. Seeing when a person joined Discord is helpful if you suspect they are a scammer.

To learn when someone joined Discord, you must copy their ID and paste it on an external website. Remember that you’ll have to enable developer mode to copy another person’s User ID.

To see when a member of a server joined Discord, you’ll have to access the members’ list.


Does Discord have a User ID Information feature?

Discord doesn’t have a direct way to learn another person’s user ID information. The next best thing is to enable Developer mode, copy their ID, and then paste it on https://discord.id/ to see when the account was created.

Why can’t I copy the User ID on Discord?

If you want to see when someone joined Discord but can’t see the Copy ID option, it’s likely because you’ve not enabled Developer mode.

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