How To Report a YouTube Channel

How To Report A Youtube Channel

Anyone is free to access and enjoy YouTube. When you open YouTube, there are millions of content that you can watch in different niches.

When interacting with this content, you may encounter a channel that violates YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines.

YouTube advocates that you should report such a channel, and we will guide you through the process.

Quick Answer

You can do so with simple steps when you have valid reasons to report a YouTube channel. Open YouTube, navigate to the channel page you wish to report and open the “About” section. Next, click the “Report user” option (flag icon) and select the preferred option. You will get prompted to fill out a few details regarding the report you want to make. Once you’ve selected all the details that fit the report you are making, click the “Submit” button.

Why report a YouTube channel? We will begin the post by understanding what it takes to report a YouTube channel and what YouTube does in response to the report. Still, we will give the various steps you must follow when making the report.

Can You Report a YouTube Channel?

Yes, you can. YouTube aims to create a conducive environment for all its users. However, that’s not always a guarantee. There are instances where you may encounter a channel violating YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service.

When that happens, YouTube relies on you to report the channel anonymously to help sanitize the platform. It’s unfortunate when you view a YouTube channel only to end up reporting it. Well, that happens due to various reasons.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to report a YouTube channel.

  • The channel is displaying inappropriate content.
  • The channel is spamming people.
  • If the channel violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines or terms of service, you should report it.
  • To report channel impersonation.
  • Report a channel that is spreading misinformation.

When you report a channel, YouTube will check the case to see if it violates its guidelines. However, the channel will only be investigated for the reported case relating to the channel and not its videos. Reporting videos is a different type of report.

 How To Report a YouTube Channel

When you have valid reasons for wanting to report a YouTube channel, the process to follow is straightforward. You can report a YouTube channel on a computer or mobile phone.

On a Computer

If you access YouTube via a computer, you can also report a channel easily with the below steps.

  1. Open YouTube on your desktop.
  2. Locate the specific channel you wish to report.
  3. Navigate to the “About” section of that channel.
  4. Locate the “Report user” flag and click on it.
  5. Choose an option that matches the report you want to make.
  6. You can add more details regarding that channel.
  7. Once you have all details, click the “Submit” button.

Your report is successfully shared with YouTube. It will then check details regarding the channel, such as the description, photo, etc.

On Android or iOS

You can report a channel with simple steps if you access YouTube on your mobile device browser.

  1. Open YouTube on your phone’s browser.
  2. Locate the channel you want to report.
  3. Tap the down arrow icon on the channel page and select “About.”
  4. Select the option for “Report user” with a flag.
  5. Select the reason and tap “Next.”
  6. If there is no need to select videos, tap “Next” to add additional information.
  7. Lastly, tap “Submit.”

You’ve shared your report with YouTube, and your case will be investigated anonymously. The owner of the channel won’t know who reported them.

If they are found guilty, YouTube will take the necessary actions against the channel, including limiting it or banning it, depending on the intensity of the violation they have committed.


When you encounter an inappropriate YouTube channel, you are free to report it. We’ve seen examples of valid reasons that call for you to report a YouTube channel and explained the steps to follow when reporting a YouTube channel.

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