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How To Remove a Non Friend From Messenger

How To Remove A Non Friend From Messenger

Are you getting chats from people not on your friend list on Messenger? Are you looking for a means of removing non-friends from Facebook Messenger? We all hate getting annoying chats from random people on Messenger. Anyone can find random people on Messenger, and when you become the victim, you have the option to remove these non-friends from your Messenger, and there is a permanent way to do so.

Quick Answer

On Facebook Messenger, you can remove non-friends one by one or do so in bulk. To remove a single non-friend from Messenger, open Messenger and open the of the person you want to remove. Click on the info icon from the window that appears, then click the “Remove contact” option. If you want to remove many non-friends simultaneously, click on your profile image on Messenger and tap the option for phone contacts. Under the manage contacts option, click the option for “delete all contacts.” That’s it.

We will discuss the steps for removing non-friends on Messenger. Moreover, we will highlight what happens when you delete a single non-friend or all the non-friends from Messenger and conclude by covering frequently asked questions concerning deleting non-friends from Messenger.

How To Remove a Non-Friend from Messenger

Let’s face it. You’ve probably, at some point, received message requests from strangers on Facebook Messenger. For some reason, you may not be interested in creating new bonds and, in that case, want a way of removing the non-friends from Messenger.

Here’s the thing, even though Facebook doesn’t offer a delete button for managing your non-friends from Messenger, we still have a means of removing these non-friends. Moreover, you can even delete all the non-friends on your Messenger.

How To Remove a Non-Friend from Messenger

Removing a single stranger from your Messenger is easy. Once you remove the target person, they won’t have a means of contacting you, which is what you want to achieve, right? Here’s how to achieve that.

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on iOS or Android. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Find the person you want to remove and open the chat. Find The Person You Want To Remove
  3. Tap on the info icon.Tap On The Info Icon.
  4. Click the “Delete Contact” option.Click The Remove Contact Option.

Your target non-friend is now removed from your Facebook Messenger, and you won’t get any messages from them as they no longer have any means of contacting you again. Using the above steps, you can repeat and find other non-friends on your Messenger and remove them with ease.

How To Remove Many Non-Friends from Messenger

The above section has presented steps for removing a single non-friend from Messenger. What happens when you have multiple non-friends that you must remove simultaneously? What then? Let’s see the steps for removing non-friends in bulk to save time and effort.

  1. Open the Messenger app from your phone. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Tap on your profile picture at the top. Three Line Icon Messenger
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Phone Contacts”. Select Phone Contacts.
  4. Next, click the “Manage Contacts” option.Tap On Manage Contacts.
  5. Click the “Delete All Contact” button at the bottom of the next page. Tap The Delete All Contacts Option

With that, you will have deleted all your non-friends simultaneously. The steps above are helpful when you have many non-friends you must get rid of from your Messenger.


Most of these non-friends you encounter on Messenger are due to syncing your contacts by Facebook. Therefore, disabling these features can help prevent future unwanted non-friends from contacting you.

How To Prevent Syncing of Contacts by Facebook

Facebook has a history of violating people’s privacy, and it’s no surprise that your contacts are automatically synced on Facebook, which explains why you are getting many non-friends contacting you. That said, use the below steps to disable syncing of your phone contacts.

  1. Open Messenger. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. Tap on your profile image. Three Line Icon Messenger
  3. Click the option for “Phone Contacts”. Select Phone Contacts.
  4. Tap on the “Upload Contacts” option. Tap On The Upload Contacts Option.
  5. Ensure it’s turned Off. If not, turn it off to prevent Messenger from syncing and connecting you automatically with your contacts on Messenger. Turn It Off To Prevent Messenger From Sync

With the feature disabled, you’ve minimized chances of getting non-friends messaging you on Messenger. Besides, it’s a good privacy feature limiting access to Facebook Messenger from non-friends.


Messenger is an excellent messaging platform for Facebook, and you can easily find your friends on Messenger and connect with them. Sometimes you may get non-friends contacting you, which can get annoying. If that happens, refer to the steps presented in this guide for removing non-friends from Messenger either individually or in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Delete Non-Friends on Messenger?

Yes, although there is no button for deleting non-friends on Messenger, you can still achieve that by accessing all the contacts on Messenger. Once you do, click on the non-friend and tap their info icon. Next, click the “remove contact” option and confirm the action by clicking the remove button in the confirmation prompt.

How Do You Remove Many Strangers from Messenger?

To remove many non-friends on Messenger, start by accessing your Messenger account on your phone. Once you do, click the profile icon at the top and select the phone contacts option. Click the Manage Contacts option, and lastly, click the delete all contacts button. That’s it. All the strangers from your Messenger will get removed.

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