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How To PM on Reddit

How To Pm On Reddit

Reddit is a social networking platform where users may express their opinions on any topic, current events, or pertinent ideas. Users can add images, GIFs, memes, and videos to their accounts and groups. In the Reddit app, you may follow people and pages and send Private Messages (PM) to others.

Quick Answer

To pm on Reddit, open Reddit and tap the text bubble icon at the bottom. Then, tap “Start Chatting” and enter the receiver’s username. After that, tap the “Start Chat” button. Finally, write the message and send it as on any other social media app.

Private Messages or PMs on Reddit, unlike comments, are only viewable by the user to whom the message is addressed. In this guide, we’ll look at how to pm on Reddit. So, stay tuned as we get started.

How To PM on Reddit Using a Mobile Device

The Reddit mobile app includes a special tab for accessing all chats. You can Pm on Reddit by using the Chat tab or the search bar. Here are the steps to follow to pm on Reddit using your mobile phone.

Method #1: Using the Chat Tab

  1. Choose the chat tab towards the bottom of the Reddit app.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the new chat icon.
  3. Enter the desired username in the search field and select the desired profile.
  4. Now select “Start Chat.”
  5. Write the message and send it as intended.

Method #2: Using the Search Bar

  1. Navigate to the Reddit app.
  2. Sign in to your account and then click the Search button.
  3. Search for the profile to which you wish to send the message.
  4. Select the Profile and click the new chat button next to the “Follow” button.
  5. Type the message and send it.

If you can’t find the new message button, the user might have disabled the option to contact them privately.

How To PM on Reddit Using a PC 

You may also use the Reddit website on your computer to send private messages to other people’s accounts. Here are the steps to follow.

Method #1: Using the Chat Tab

  1. Open Reddit and click on the chat icon at the top.
  2. Click on the “New Chat” button.
  3. Search for the username and select it.
  4. At the bottom, click the “Start Chat” button.
  5. Now write your message and send it.

Reddit is a social news platform that gives people the opportunity to share their interests, opinions, and passions. Ever since its launch in 2005, it has grown to be a globally accepted platform. Lots of features exist on this platform, including the ability to send private messages to other users on the platform.

Method #2: Using the Search Bar

  1. Open Reddit and log in.
  2. Enter the username in the Search bar and click on the user.
  3. On the right side of the selected profile, click the “Chat” button.
  4. Enter the message you wish to send to the recipient and send it.


Sending a private message on Reddit is relatively easy. However, confidential messages should be reserved to transmit sensitive info or information only relevant to a single user.

To send a pm to a user on Reddit, you either use the chat tab or search bar. Navigate to the chat option of the selected profile and type the message you intend to send to the recipient.


How can I start a Reddit PM?

Starting a pm on Reddit doesn’t take much of your time. Find another user’s profile page to send them a private message. You’ll see a send message link on the right side of their profile. Click on that link to send a private message to the user.

What is the distinction between Reddit chat and message?

The little speech bubble sign activates the chat feature. A new window will appear when you click on it. You create a direct channel for sending messages to another user when you start a conversation, and that person can accept or decline the request.

PMs are messages that you may send directly to other Reddit users. A PM can be started by clicking the “send message” button on a user’s profile. In general, PMs are used for brief one-time messages. They display, among other notification types, in the recipient’s Reddit inbox. If you want to converse with another person for a long time, you should use the chat option.

Why am I unable to send messages on Reddit?

If you cannot send chat messages, it could be because you’ve reached your daily maximum of active conversations. New Reddit accounts have conversation limits to avoid spammers. You’ll have to wait for your account to get a little older before your limit increases.

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