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How To Pickup a Girl on Facebook

How To Pickup A Girl On Facebook

Facebook has over 2.5 billion users, with millions in each country worldwide. It’s a space where you can connect with people with whom you share the same interest and even find love. But to pick up someone on Facebook is not as easy as merely saying it. Your profile, mannerisms, pickup lines, and communication need to be at par to interest a woman.

Quick Answer

There are several steps involved in picking up a girl on Facebook. First, you’ll need to work on your profile, photos, Facebook communication skills, and a few other steps. When you get it right with these steps, it’ll then be up to the girl to decide if she wants to go on a date with you or not. However, you can pick up more than one girl with these methods on Facebook.

In this article, we’ll discuss the steps to picking up a girl on Facebook in detail.

The Dating Pool on Facebook

Facebook is an entire world on its own where you can make things happen from behind your phone and computer screens. These days, everybody has an account online on a social platform, and with the number of users on Facebook, there’s a high probability you meet a new friend, crush, or lover on the app.

On Facebook, you can come across different groups created for singles to meet people they can get into dating relationships with. However, these groups are not a foolproof way of meeting new people. Instead, randomly meeting people on the app and discovering your interests will increase your chances of dating and maybe kickstart something serious.

However, as a man, before you can attract a random girl to pick up on a date, there are tips you must follow to get a girl and more on Facebook.

How To Pickup a Girl on Facebook

Here are the six tips for picking up girls on Facebook.

Tip #1: Build an Original Profile

The misconception many people have is that no one will like them for being themselves, and then go ahead and build a profile that gives the opposite of what they are. This always backfires at some point, hence the need to build an original profile from the start. Your profile should reflect who you are, your interests, and your ideology from your posts.

Although staying original, ensure it’s tuned to be tasteful and attractive to a large populace sharing the same interests as you. Keep everything up-to-date also.

You do not want to be talking with a girl when your last picture was from five years ago. Have photos that make you look attractive, smart, and nice. As someone who wants to get a girl, your profile should not have pictures of you with thousands of other girls.

Keep your photos and posts “safe,” i.e., not appear as an extremist on an idea or woefully lonely to the point of creepy. Girls want to be at least satisfied with what they see when they go through your profile. It’s your first impression before the date if it eventually happens, so put effort into making it look good!

Tip #2: Friend the Girl You Want To Pick Up on Facebook

After making sure your profile leaves a good impression on any girl through it, friend the girl you want to pick up.

It can be a random girl living near you, a friend of a friend, a high school friend, or someone you’ve always crushed on for a while. Also, ensure you have enough information from her Facebook to be sure she’s not in a relationship and will be fine for a date.

Go through her profile, note her likes as they will be useful later, and hope she accepts your friend request. After this, proceed to the next step to achieve your pickup goal.

Tip #3: Be Social and Get Friendly With Her

Let your social life be evident on your account, as girls would love to know you have friends and that you’re legit. So engage in posts that interest you and the girl, put up engaging posts that will probably draw a comment from the girl, and show that you’re attending events and generally love to have fun. However, moderation is the key to everything, so you want to overdo it.

In this aspect, where you establish that you have a social life, put up things that make you look interesting from your hobbies and life outside of Facebook. If you’re an artist or can sing, put up a photo/video of you singing or playing an instrument; if it’s surfing, put up pictures; just have something that makes you stand out from the rest of the guys on her feed.

Most importantly, you want to engage the girl’s posts on Facebook not to be too sudden when you slide into her DMs. Comment on her social life posts, compliment her when she uploads photos of herself, but keep your tone polite and respectful while engaging her.

Tip #4: Send a Message

When you’ve established yourself as a friend from the engagement you on posts, you can then proceed to send the girl a message. This stage is critical to the progress of this process. Before you send a message, you can be courteous and ask if you can in a comment section before you slide into her DM. However, if you’ve had contact with her before, in any event, you can use that as an icebreaker.

An introduction will suffice in any event of you sending her a message. Although you both might be friendly with each other from comments, re-introduce yourself in her DM and keep it polite. Do not send aggressive or flirty messages, as Facebook has strong anti-harassment policies. Instead, find the perfect moment to start long conversations, which can be from unfinished business, in the comments sections.

If she responds to you nicely and keeps writing back, then you have a shot at proceeding to the next step.

Tip #5: Move to Facebook Messenger

As conversations improve, you can move to messenger, where you both hold meaningful and longer conversations. With the conversations, you should still be commenting and liking her posts, as they’re great to learn more about the girl’s life. Do little special things like sending her links to something she might find interesting or funny, listen to her interests, and find ways to be involved.

When you’ve become comfortable with each other over time, you can start with flirtatious messages. However, don’t overdo it with the flirting, as compliments and terms of endearment will suffice. Instead, make her realize you’re into her and not willing to be just friends. Whatever you’ve learned from her profile, utilize them here and build a profound relationship on common interests.

Tip #6: Ask To Hangout

The last step of the process is asking her to hang out, which must be done perfectly not to scare her off. Although you both might have been flirtatious and comfortable, it’s another step to finally meeting up. Hence, you want to throw it at intervals in conversations on meeting up and see if she would like to. If her reaction says, she would keep it casual by asking for a coffee or a walk in the park somewhere.

When she accepts any of these or suggests another place, exchange numbers and get ready for your hangout.


Getting rejected at any of these steps is normal and doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work on another girl. So stay original and keep trying till you get it right!

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