How To Join Telegram Channel

How To Join Telegram Channel

Telegram is a unique and secure messaging platform that you can use to connect with your friends. When using Telegram, you can communicate with people via a Telegram group or channel.

Many people create Telegram channels to act as a broadcasting platform where they can connect with their followers. With a Telegram channel, the admins can message. Other members can only follow along.

Quick Answer

When you see the Telegram channel link, tap it and open it on Telegram. The Telegram channel will open, and you can tap the “Join” button. Still, you can search for a particular Telegram channel directly on Telegram and tap on its name from the search results. Once you do, the channel’s window will open, and you can become part of the channel.

We will discuss a Telegram channel and offer the steps to create a Telegram channel. Moreover, we will cover the different options and steps to join a Telegram channel. Lastly, we will conclude with steps to leave a Telegram channel.

What Is a Telegram Channel?

Telegram offers various ways you can use to communicate with friends. The obvious one is where you communicate via direct messages. Aside from this, you can join a Telegram channel and join discussions with other group members. The Telegram group you join will depend on your interest.

Unlike a Telegram group, a channel is a broadcasting platform that brings people together. Only the admin can communicate with a Telegram channel, and other members follow along. A Telegram channel aims to gain subscribers to your content, such as a blog or movie channel. You can then share updates on the Telegram channel.

Here’s how to quickly create a Telegram channel.

  1. Open your Telegram application.
  2. Click the pencil icon at the bottom.
  3. Spot the option for “New Channel and tap on it.
  4. Add the name of your new channel and tap the tick at the top.
  5. Select the “Channel Type.”
  6. Create a link for the channel and tap the checkmark at the top.
  7. Lastly, add subscribers to your channel.

You now have a Telegram channel, and you can share its link for people to join the channel.

How To Join Telegram Channel

A Telegram channel can be public or private. Suppose it is a private channel. You can only join it if the owner adds you as a subscriber or if they share the link with you.

For a public channel, you can use the channel’s link to join or search for its name and join. Generally, you have two main ways to join a Telegram channel.

Via Telegram Channel Link

  1. Find the Telegram channel link.
  2. Tap on the channel’s link.
  3. Select the option to open the link via Telegram.
  4. Once Telegram opens, you will be navigated to the channel.
  5. Hit the “Join button at the bottom.

You are now a subscriber of the particular Telegram channel.

Via Its Telegram Name

If you know the name of the particular channel and the channel is public, you can search for it, find it, and join.

  1. Open your Telegram application.
  2. Tap the search icon at the top.
  3. Type the name of the Telegram channel, starting with the “@” symbol, such as @channel-name.
  4. Once the channel comes up, tap on it to open.
  5. On the channel’s window, hit the “Join button at the bottom.

How To Leave a Telegram Channel

When you join a Telegram channel and decide to exit it, there is a quick way to achieve that.

  1. Open your Telegram application.
  2. Open the particular Telegram channel.
  3. Once you’ve entered the channel, tap the three dots at the top.
  4. Select the option for “Leave Channel.”
  5. Confirm your action by tapping the “Leave Channel again.

You’ve successfully managed to leave the Telegram channel.


You can use the channel’s link to join a Telegram channel. Alternatively, you can search for the channel’s name and click on it to join. We’ve seen the two ways and how to implement them.

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