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How To Like a Comment on Instagram?

How To Like A Comment On Instagram

Instagram’s comments section can be pretty interesting sometimes. And occasionally, comments are the best thing about a post. People have the liberty to write their opinions from behind the keyboard, and they often get creative.

You will know which comment is the most popular from the number of likes on that comment. So if you want to let the commenter know that you liked their comment, you can like it. So, how can you do that?

Quick Answer

To like a comment, go to the concerned post, and click on the comments to open the comment section. From the list of comments, find the one you like the most. There will be a little heart button next to the comment. Click on it to like the comment. When you tap on the heart button, it should turn red. Red’s how you know it’s been liked. 

Liking a comment is no herculean task. You can easily navigate through the Instagram app and find your way to the comments section with this article. 

Why Do We Like Comments on Instagram?

Comments are where people leave their opinions for a post. If you like what they’ve commented, you can put a like on that comment.

People like Instagram posts for various reasons. First, you like a comment to let them know you like their comment. It could stem out of genuine liking or goodwill. 

Second, people like comments to add to the number. While helming the comments section of any post or meme, you may have noticed that some comments have thousands of likes.

This is backing a voice in virtual space. For instance, if a user has left a comment everyone agrees with on a particular news post, the number of likes will signify the weightage of that opinion. 

Steps To Like a Comment on Instagram

Liking a comment on Instagram is a no-brainer if you know how to find the comments section of a post. This post will discuss the step-by-step process to help you like a comment quickly. 

Step #1: Launch Instagram and Log In

After you open the Instagram app on your device, log in to your account. After logging in, you will land on the app’s home page.

Step #2: Find the Post

From the home page, scroll down to find a post with a likable comment.

If you already have a comment you like, find the account with that post in the search section. Punch in their username in the search bar, and you will have your results.

Step #3: Go to the Comments Section

Once you’ve found the post, you will find a preview of a couple of the latest comments right under the post. Click on the comments for the full comment menu to appear on your screen.

Now you can see the caption and the list of comments below. Scroll down to find the comment you like. 

Step #4: Like the Comment

You will find a little heart button next to each comment. Click on the heart adjacent to the comment you like. It will turn red to let you know it’s liked.

How Do You Unlike a Comment?

If you’ve liked a comment by mistake and would like to unlike it, all you have to do is tap on the red heart again. If the heart icon is no longer red, your like has been removed.


Being aware of all the tweaks and know-how of the application can help you stay relevant to the application.

You can easily like a comment on Instagram and let them know that you agree with their opinion through these few simple steps. 


How do you like a comment on Instagram direct message?

To like a message on Instagram direct message:

1. Go to the conversation you find interesting.

2. Scroll to find the message you like.

3. Double-click on the message you like, and you shall find a little red heart appear at the bottom of the message.

It means you’ve liked the message, which your friend can see. 

Does the heart on Instagram mean like?

Yes, the heart on Instagram means like. You can tap on the heart icon to turn it red. The red means that you’ve liked the comment. You can find hearts under every post and next to every comment. 

What is the like symbol on Instagram?

The like button on Instagram is represented by a heart icon. Clicking on the hearts makes them glow red, signifying the post or comment is liked.

Does Instagram tell you when you like a comment?

No, Instagram does not send a separate notification to you when you like a comment. If you want to confirm whether a post or a comment is liked or not, check whether the gray hearts are red. 

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