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How To Hide Instagram Posts From Certain Followers

Hiding Instagram Posts From Certain Followers

Let’s be honest; we don’t like all of our Instagram followers. There are some who make fun of us or spread negative vibes, and we just want to disassociate from them. Right? This makes us think about how to hide Instagram posts from certain followers?

Quick Answer

Instagram hasn’t designed a feature yet that can directly hide your posts; there are some ways that can limit your visibility.

Learning about these methods will also be useful for those who are concerned about their privacy and hesitant to expose their content to the public.

So, want to know about those secret yet useful ways of hiding your posts on Instagram? Keep on reading!

3 Ways Of Hiding Instagram Posts From Certain Followers

It has been quite a while since Instagrammers have been looking for a way to hide certain posts and stories from their followers.

It possibly has happened to everyone, especially if you are a celebrity or an influencer. You accept the following requests as you need followers to grow your account. And then the same followers make you think ten times before posting any content. Those users can be trolls, spammers, or bullies.

So, let’s talk about those three amazing methods that can help you get this job done!

Method #1: Switch to a Private account

If your Instagram account is public, you can switch to an Instagram private account and block unwanted followers. This way, you can effectively hide your Instagram post and stories from those certain followers.

Here’s the procedure for switching to a private account:

  1. Tap on your profile picture.Tap On Profile Picture Instagram 1
  2. Click on the lines icon in the top-right .Click On The Lines Icon Instagram
  3. Click on the “Settings icon.”Click On The Settings Icon Instagram
  4. You will find the tab “Privacy” in “Settings”; click on it.Click On Privacy In Setting Instagram
  5. Select the option of “Private Account,” and your account won’t be shown to all anymore.Select Option Of Private Account Instagram

It will give you additional privacy and would only allow a selected number of people to see your photos and videos.

Method #2: Block the User/Follower

Do you want to hide your Instagram posts from particular followers without making your account private? Then this method is for you!

Block those users directly, and they will not get the notification that you have blocked them. Also, they will not be able to like or comment on your future posts, isn’t that great?

To block someone on Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram’s “Explore” tab.Explore Tab Instagram
  2. Enter the account name of the person in the search bar whom you want to block.Enter Account Name In Search Bar Instagram
  3. In the right corner of the user’s profile, there will be an option of “Block,” select it.Right Corner User Profile Option Block Instagram
  4. Now both the user nor you won’t be able to contact each other with this account or any new account that they will make afterward.Both Wont Be Able To Contact Instagram

People aren’t notified when you block them. Their comments and likes on your photos and videos are also removed once you block them.

If you change your mind later, the blocking process is reversible. To unblock someone, you simply have to go into your blocking list, scroll down to find that person’s profile, and tap “Unblock”.

Remember that when you block someone from commenting, it doesn’t remove their previous comments on your posts.

Method #3: Hide Your Instagram Stories

Well, here comes the good thing, if not the posts, at least you can hide your Instagram stories from certain followers. If you don’t want some particular followers to see your Story, you can hide it from them. Also, you can control who sees anything you add to your Story in the future.

To hide your Story from someone:

  1. Click on the lines icon in the top-right of your profile page.Click On The Lines Icon Instagram 1
  2. Click on the “Settings icon”.Click On The Settings Icon Instagram 3
  3. Tap the “Privacy” option in the settings.Tap On Privacy In Setting Instagram
  4. Then choose the “Story “option in the privacy.Story Option In The Privacy Instagram
  5. Click on the “Hide Story From” option in the story.Click Hide Story From Instagram
  6. Select the people you would like to hide your Story from and tap arrow option.Select People Hide Story Click Arrow Option

Just remember hiding your Instagram story is way different from blocking them as it does not prevent that blocked user from seeing your profile and posts.

Another important thing is your Instagram account’s privacy setting also affects where your Story appears.

How Can You Mute the Unwanted Posts of Certain Followers?

Everyone is free to post whatever they like on social media; hence, there could be some posts that may annoy you. You can use Instagram’s mute feature to hide such stories that you don’t want to see in the future.

Muting someone can be helpful if you want to keep following someone on Instagram, but don’t want to see their posts and videos pop up on your feed.

Here’s how to mute people on Instagram and enjoy your feed again:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and open the profile you want to mute.Open Profile Want To Mute Instagram
  2. Under their profile, select the “Following” option. It will be at the top of their profile (under their username and above their posts).Select The Following Option Instagram
  3. An option that says “Mute” will show, click on it.Click The Mute Option To Mute Instagram
  4. You will get the option to mute their posts and stories. Tap the “toggle slider” option. That’s all!Tap The Toggle Slider Option To Mute Instagram

However, you can unmute the person anytime by going back through these steps and hitting the toggle again.

Final Words

When it comes to limiting the visibility of Instagram posts, you don’t have any direct option of hiding them from certain followers. But we hope soon Instagram will introduce this feature.

We hope this article on how to hide Instagram posts from particular followers was helpful to you. You can enjoy using this guide to clear your Instagram feed from certain posts and people. Post whatever and whenever you want!

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