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How To Go to the Beginning of a Conversation on Facebook

How To Go To The Beginning Of A Conversation On Facebook

Facebook is great for hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and sharing exciting conversations. Sometimes, we might want to go to the beginning of a conversation. Perhaps the conversation grew too long, or you wanted to find something said at an earlier time. Whatever your reasons, it’s valuable to know how to go to the beginning of a conversation without scrolling through.

Quick Answer

You can get to the beginning of a conversation in several ways. The search feature allows you to look up words and phrases such as “Hi” or “Hey” to find the beginning of the conversation.

If you want to navigate to the beginning of a Facebook conversation, you’re at the right place. This article will guide you on how exactly you can get there in some relatively straightforward steps.

Getting to the Beginning of a Facebook Chat

Messenger is a feature-rich instant messaging service on Facebook. For those of us who frequent it, we might need to go to the beginning of a chat. This could be for various reasons – from wanting to find something said earlier to relive the good moments.

Using the Search Feature

Facebook Messenger has a comprehensive search feature. This search option allows you to look up every instance of a certain query word or phrase. This method works great if you know what was exactly said at the beginning of the conversation. Even if you didn’t know, you could try your luck by running commonly used greetings like “Hello” or “Hey” through the search.

To get to the beginning of a chat by querying for words that are commonly used to greet or introduce oneself, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger on your phone.
  2. If you’re accessing Facebook from your desktop, go to Messenger.
  3. Open the conversation you’d like to get to the beginning of.
  4. Tap on the contact’s name at the top.
  5. If you’re using the browser, click on Conversation information, which should be a three-dot icon.
  6. Here you will find an option called Search in Conversation, click on it.
  7. Type words you think might be the beginning of the chat, for example, “Hi” or “Hey.”
  8. A list of all instances of the queried term will appear.
  9. Scroll to find the earliest date and time of the instance.

If your first ever message in the conversation were a commonly used greeting, this method would allow you to jump right to it. If not, and you don’t remember what you said when you first spoke to the recipient in the conversation, try some other words you might have used.

Using Downloaded Data

Alternatively, you could download your Facebook data and search the chat logs. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Open Facebook, go to your profile, and open “Settings.”

2. Click on “Your Information on Facebook.”

3. Find and click on “Download your information.”

4. Select your file options and click “Request your download.”

5. In the extracted downloaded data, go to Messages.

6. Use Ctrl/CMD + F to search for terms.

Final Words

Nearly everyone is on Facebook Messenger these days, which means more people are talking on it than ever before. This means longer conversations on the platform.

For some of us, this creates the need for revisiting some of our older messages. These include messages sent at the beginning of the conversation. The method discussed in this article will help you get there without breaking your back.

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