How To Get Germany Number for WhatsApp

How To Get Germany Number For Whatsapp

If you want to position your brand and sell into the German market, then getting a German phone number to create a WhatsApp account would be a rational thing to do.

It will make your brand or business look more realistic, relatable, and professional to your German target market.

You do not have to pack your back and fly to Germany to buy a SIM card.

You can be smart and follow our guide to get any number of any country, all at the convenience of your home.

Allow us to walk you through it!

Quick Answer

You can use any third-party service to get Germany’s virtual phone number. You can use KrispCall, CallHippo, or Continent Telecom to get the virtual number from Germany. Log in to these services, select the number, plan, and enter your details to get the number. You can enter the number on WhatsApp to get OTTP to set up a WhatsApp account.

This guide can help you get a German virtual phone number to create your WhatsApp account to reach your German clients. Keep reading for more!

Why Do You Need a Germany Number for WhatsApp?

Before we begin with how to get a German phone number to access WhatsApp, let us talk about why you need it.

It all comes down to your business model.

If you have been eyeballing the German market for quite some time and think it is where you can position your brand and grow, then you need to reach this market with all your social media platforms.

WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users. You can use this platform to provide customer services or to send promotional material to your customers.

So, it possesses an integral role than you can imagine.

Since WhatsApp is an imperative medium, it is time to create a WhatsApp Business account.

The problem is that if you create a WhatsApp account from an Indian or perhaps Chinese number, German clients will be very cynical of your brand.

You cannot make your brand relatable unless you do not come to your target market through their perspectives.

Therefore, a German phone number is significant to create a WhatsApp account for your German clan.

Now, you have two options; pack your bags and travel to Germany, purchase a SIM card, create a WhatsApp account, and fly back to your home country.

It is a very expensive procedure considering the alternative we are about to discuss.

The other alternative is to get a German virtual phone number to create your WhatsApp account using this number.

Did You Know?

WhatsApp is a very popular platform in Germany, with 48.3 million users.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Virtual Phone Number?

Getting a virtual phone number is a convenient and cheaper way to get the number of any country. It is hassle-free as you can get tons of numbers from any country in the comfort of your home.

Besides, you do not need to buy a new phone device to run your virtual number. Moreover, it will cut your cost to make international calls to the specific countries you have the virtual number.

The crucial advantage is that it gives your business a professional look and makes you appear more credible in the eyes of your target market. 

Moreover, to protect your privacy, use a virtual number to reach your customers instead of your personal number.

Good Prank Idea

You can prank your friend who has a big German dream of studying or working in Germany by calling them with the German virtual phone number just for a good laugh.

How To Get Germany Virtual Phone Number

You can get a German virtual phone number or any country number using any relative service.

There are two services we are discussing. The first is called KrispCall, and the other is CallHippo. Both are easy to use to get the German virtual phone number.

You can check the process to get a virtual number from KrispCall through our previous article!

Let’s discuss how to get a German virtual number from CallHippo:

  1. Navigate to the CallHippo website and click the “Start Free Trial” button. Click On The Start Free Trial Button On The Callhippo Site
  2. Enter your business email address to begin.Enter Your&Nbsp;Business Email Address
  3. After you log in to your account, you can see the CallHippo dashboard.You Can See The&Nbsp;Callhippo Dashboard.
  4. Click on the “Numbers” option from the left-side menu.Click On The Numbers&Nbsp;Option
  5. Next, click on the “Buy A Number” button.Click On The Buy A Number Button
  6. Select “Germany” from the list of countries.Select Germany From The List Of Countries.
  7. From the “Number Type,” select what kind of number you want to buy: “Local,” “Toll-free,” or mobile phone numbers.Select The Number Type
  8. Select the number you like and tap “Next” to select a plan and make a payment.Select The Number And Tap On Next

Now, you will get the Germany virtual number that you can use to register on WhatsApp. You can also try CallHippo Android and iOS apps. Additionally, you can try Continent Telecom to get over 90 countries’ virtual numbers.

After you get the number, open your WhatsApp and set up your new account using the virtual number. You will get OTTP SMS or call on your virtual number dashboard to insert it on WhatsApp to proceed with registration.

After creating a personal WhatsApp account, you can set up a WhatsApp Business account to reach your clients.

Business Email

You must use an email address related to a company domain because CallHippo doesn’t let you use email from generic domains (gmail.com, hotmail.com, etc.).


Many websites can help you get a German virtual phone number.

Try to get a German virtual phone number to create WhatsApp to access your German clients.

With a German number, you can better position your brand in the German market with enhanced creditability and trust of your clientele on your brand.

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