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How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following

How To Get Followers On Instagram Without Following

A well-established Instagram account with many followers can land you some great brand opportunities, and you can easily monetize it. The problem comes in growing your followers. You can follow various tips to boost your Instagram account without having to keep following back. Eventually, you will get many followers while your “Following” list will be kept small.

Quick Answer

So, how can you grow your Instagram followers without following them? Some tips include utilizing your other platforms, using hashtags, using your website, optimizing your Instagram bio, posting content regularly, and mentioning prominent celebrities or influencers. If you combine the mentioned tips, you will soon notice your number of followers growing.

This guide covers the various tips to grow your Instagram account without following. We will discuss each tip in detail, ensuring you get the best way of utilizing it and eventually grow your followers. Stick around!

Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers Without Following

Your success on Instagram can easily grow your brand and draw other brands and companies to collaborate with you. Here, we want to increase your number of Instagram followers without following them back. So, the “follow for follow” won’t be applicable in this case. Nonetheless, the tips below got your back.

Posting Regularly

The whole idea of being on Instagram is to share posts for your audience to engage with. Therefore, if you can’t create a schedule of how periodically you post, you don’t expect to grow your followers or viewers.

The trick here is to create a routine such that anyone who views your Instagram account or comes across your content can track how often you post. Furthermore, keeping your Instagram posts fresh will likely get more viewers, likes, comments, and followers.

Moreover, ensure all your posts are high-quality and relevant to your Instagram page to represent your brand. If you follow that, soon, you will start attracting and retaining genuine Instagram followers.

Utilize Your Website

Do you have a website or blog? Your website can easily drive traffic to your Instagram account. If you have regular visitors to your website, chances are that a number of them don’t follow you on Instagram or even don’t know you have an Instagram account.

So, under your About page or any relevant place on your website, add your Instagram username or a caption like, “you can also follow me on Instagram @username.” Besides, you can also add a button that directs people to your Instagram page directly.

Utilize Other Social Media Platforms

If you are on Instagram, you probably are on other platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, or other platforms. On your bio on your other platforms, you can add your Instagram username or a link to your Instagram profile.

That way, your followers on the other platforms can easily access your Instagram profile and follow you without having to follow them. Still, you can share a post, such as a Twitter tweet, telling people to follow you on your Instagram page to engage with your content.

Engage in Comments

When you share an Instagram post, some users may comment or like it, yet they don’t follow you. However, you can engage with them in the comments section. When someone sees your activeness and involvement, they may decide to follow you.

Furthermore, you should like the comments and respond funnily and interestingly. If someone asks a question or needs further clarification, be sure to respond to them. Your activeness on Instagram goes the extra mile to grow your followers.

Mention Influencers

Influencers have a reputation for attracting more followers. Mentioning popular influencers on your Instagram posts associates your brand with anyone searching for a given influencer.

Only mention influencers who align with what your brand or page stands for. For instance, if you are into vegan topics, look for influencers who associate with vegan recipes and mention them in your posts.

The trick involves mentioning popular and relevant influencers.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are how Instagram posts rank. It helps if you research the popular hashtags that align with your posts. Once you’ve found the hashtags, add them when posting something on Instagram.

That way, anyone who searches for a given hashtag might come across your post and hopefully end up following your account to get more such posts.

Utilize Your Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio is where you sell yourself to anyone visiting the profile. The bio represents what you stand for, and someone can decide whether to follow you or not, depending on your Instagram bio.

Therefore, be descriptive in your bio. Mention who you are and what you stand for, link your other sites, and add a call to action.


Getting Instagram followers without following them can be easy if you have the right guide. We’ve covered the various tips to use if you want to grow your Instagram followers. Check them out and apply them.

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