How To Freeze Zoom Video

How To Freeze Zoom Video

Zoom has become a widely used application in everyday life.

When you are in a meeting or class, you may find it necessary to freeze the Zoom video and do other things.

The good news is that it is possible to freeze a Zoom video using your phone or computer.

If you don’t understand how to achieve that, this post is what you need!

Quick Answer

Freezing a Zoom video is easy when using a computer or mobile phone.

If you use a computer, freeze a Zoom video by launching Zoom and signing in, then navigate to the “Settings” section. Go to the “Background and filter” section and tap on the “Virtual Background,” and if you wish to change the background of your video, do so. The “virtual background” lets you freeze your Zoom video, as illustrated in the guide.

The freeze feature on Zoom has made it easy to take a break without disturbing other members. This guide has explained how helpful freezing a Zoom video is and how you can freeze a Zoom video on your phone and computer. Let’s get started!

Why Is It Important to Freeze a Zoom Video?

Have you ever realized how easy it is for others to attend Zoom meetings from beaches?

If you have seen that, I am sure you have wondered how they managed to do that. The trick they use is freezing a Zoom video and appearing like they are active while they are not.

You may be bored or want to do something else while on a Zoom video. You don’t have to worry about disturbing other team members because you can freeze the video and record it for later.

Therefore, the freezing feature has made it possible to do other things while a Zoom video meeting is ongoing.

How To Freeze Zoom Video

Zoom users accessing the software on a computer or mobile phone can quickly freeze a Zoom video without many hassles.

Freeze Zoom Video on Computer

If you are accessing Zoom on your computer, you can freeze a Zoom video or image by following the guidelines below:

  1. Record a video of yourself. You can open your camera and record a video of yourself taking notes and listening to a speaker. Save the video on your computer once you are done recording it.Launch Your Camera On Pc
  2. Launch Zoom. Open your Zoom and sign in. Set up your camera and test if it is working.Open Your Zoom Desktop Pc Application
  3. Click on the settings option.Click On The Settings Gear Icon Zoom
  4. Click on “Background & Effects.” The Background and Filter option is the one that does the trick of freezing the Zoom video.Open The Backgrounds &Amp; Effects Section
  5. Click the “Virtual Backgrounds” option. When you click on the virtual background, you will see various options for background objects.Click The Virtual Background Option.
  6. Choose the video you pre-recorded. Once you choose the video you pre-recorded and saved on your computer, move away from the live camera. The camera will continue showing the pre-recorded video that indicates you are active and listening.Click On Video To Set It As Virtual Background

Freeze a Zoom Video on a Mobile Phone

Before you apply these steps for freezing a Zoom video on a mobile phone, note that when using an iPhone, you cannot freeze the Zoom cam using a video. You can only use a picture.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take a nice picture of yourself in a nice place and in a good posture.Take A Nice Picture Of Yourself
  2. Open Zoom. Sign in and tap “New Meeting” to start a meeting. Agree to start the meeting without participants.Click New Meeting To Start A Meeting
  3. Find the “More” option. Find the three-dot icon at the lower side of the screen and click on it to get more options.Find The More Option
  4. Click on the camera to split your screen. Splitting your screen will make your Zoom camera appear frozen, enabling you to freeze a Zoom video. If your phone does not support a split screen, you may need to use third-party applications to achieve that.Zoom Camera Frozen


Zoom videos can get boring sometimes, and you may need to excuse yourself without letting other users know you are not there.

If that is your issue, there are simple tricks you can use to achieve your aim.

If you use Zoom on a personal computer, this guide has explained the steps to easily freeze a Zoom video without people noticing.

Moreover, if you want to freeze Zoom on your mobile, read this guide for more guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I freeze a Zoom video on my iPhone?

You can freeze a Zoom video on your iPhone if the iPhone supports split screening. If it does not support screening, you may find it hard to freeze a Zoom video unless you use third-party applications.

Is it possible to freeze a Zoom video?

Yes. Freezing Zoom videos is easy, and you can do so using a computer or phone. When using a computer, you need to start a meeting, click on the “background and filter” option, and choose the “virtual background” option. Move away from the camera and replace it with a video of yourself listening to a meeting.

Why is my Zoom camera freezing?

It is normal to find the Zoom camera misbehaving sometimes. When it happens, it is advisable to restart your computer and try opening Zoom again to see if it works. If the camera continues misbehaving, it is good to test how it works in other applications to determine if the problem is with the Zoom app or your camera. If the camera works fine in other applications, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Zoom.

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