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How To Find Someone’s Snapchat From Instagram

How To Find Someone S Snapchat From Instagram

Nowadays, most people use famous platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to connect with new friends and market their brands.

When you have become friends with a person on Instagram, it is likely you may want to be friends with the same person on Snapchat.

But how can you discover their Snapchat on Instagram? This post has prepared an in-depth guide to help you answer that question.

Quick Answer

Connecting with friends has been made easier using social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. One can find someone’s Snapchat on Instagram if the other person has added their Snapchat link on their Instagram profile bio or posted their Snapcode on their feeds. Besides, it is hard to find someone’s Snapchat on Instagram as there is no direct way of doing so unless you use other tools like Spokeo and Catfish.

This post will guide you on the techniques you can use to find someone’s Snapchat and increase the number of your friends on the platform. Moreover, it will address frequently asked questions and help users achieve their aim easily. Let’s get started!

4 Ways of Finding Someone’s Snapchat on Instagram

Most of your Instagram friends may likely be using Snapchat.

Although there is no direct way of finding someone’s Snapchat on Instagram, you can still use other tricks like using your Instagram to get your friend’s Instagram username and use it to search for their Snapchat details.

Method #1: Find Someone’s Snapchat Using Social Catfish

Social Catfish started as an online dating website but has grown into a famous site for tracking people’s online profiles.

With its growing popularity, it is proud to host more than 200 billion records in its database, making it easier for users trying to find out their friends’ social media profiles.

To use this platform, follow the steps below:

  1. Use your preferred browser to open Reverse Username Search for Social Catfish. Reverse Username Search For Social Catfish.
  2. Open your Instagram account using your credentials. Open Your Instagram Account
  3. Please search for your friend’s username on Instagram and copy it. Search For Your Friends' Username
  4. Navigate to the Reverse Username Search, paste your friend’s username, and then hit the “Search” button. Hit The Search Button.
  5. Allow Social Catfish to check its database for records associated with the username, including their Snapchat link. Allow Social Catfish To Check Its Database

Method #2: Use Spokeo to Find Someone’s Snapchat

If the above method does not work, you can try finding someone’s Snapchat using the Spokeo search engine. Spokeo is famous for its support for searching over 100 social media platforms.

  1. Use your device to open Spokeo Username Search. Open Spokeo Username Search.
  2. Ensure you have copied the Instagram username of that person from Instagram. Search For Your Friends' Username
  3. Paste the username in the given space, then click the “Search Now” button. Click On The Search Now Button.

Allow Spokeo to check its stored records, which will provide you with the social media platforms associated with your username, including Snapchat.

Method #3: Find Someone’s Snapchat from Their Instagram Account Bio

Another simple trick for finding someone’s Snapchat on Instagram is checking their Instagram profile. However, this method is suitable only when the person you are interested in has included their Snapchat link on their bio.

To try this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Instagram account. Instagram App Mobile
  2. Navigate to your friend’s bio for the Snapchat link. Navigate To Your Friend's Bio For The Snapchat Link.

Method #4: Search for Someone’s Snapcode on Their Instagram Post

Search For Someone's Snapcode On Their Instagram Post

It is possible to find some of your Instagram friends posting their Snapcode on their Instagram posts.

Therefore, when you go through their Instagram feeds and posts, you can see their Snapcode and use to connect with them on Snapchat.

It is not guaranteed that you will find Snapchat through this method, but it is worth trying.


Snapchat is a popular platform, and it becomes better when you have numerous friends to connect with.

Although there is no direct way of finding someone’s Snapchat on Instagram, it is possible to grow your network of friends on Snapchat by checking their Instagram posts for Snapcode or their bio if it has the Snapchat link.

If you have struggled for a long time to find friends on Snapchat, this post has explained the various tricks you can use to find someone’s Snapchat on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to find someone’s Snapchat username?

Yes. Finding someone’s Snapchat username is easy when they share them with you. If you know that person, you can request it or use the search tools like Spokeo when you have their username for Instagram or other social media platforms.

Can I find someone’s Snapchat using their phone number?

Yes. When new users join a platform like Snapchat, they are requested to import their contacts. When you import contacts, you can see some of your saved contacts on Snapchat. Therefore, you only need to allow your contacts to be synced with Snapchat, and you can find them easily if they are already on the platform.

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