How To FaceTime on Chromebook

How To Facetime On Chromebook

FaceTime is an Apple software that many Apple users have used.

The app is easy to use and more reliable than other applications but cannot be used on devices other than Apple.

Apple had plans to make FaceTime cross-platform, but until it achieves that, many users may need FaceTime alternatives to use on Chromebook.

So, how can you FaceTime on Chromebook?

Quick Answer

It is impossible to FaceTime on Chromebook because FaceTime is an Apple software that can be used on Apple devices alone. Google makes Chromebook, and because Google and Apple are competitors, it has been impossible to make FaceTime usable on Chromebook. However, you can still FaceTime on a Chromebook using alternatives like Zoom, Skype, and other cross platforms, as this guide will explain.

It is disappointing when you wish to join FaceTime with your friends only to realize you are not using an Apple device. The post has explained how to FaceTime on Chromebook and the best alternatives you can trust to FaceTime on a Chromebook.

How To FaceTime on Chromebook

FaceTime is a software application developed by Apple, and it has made video chats seamless among Apple users.

If you are busy, you can talk to Siri and let it do a FaceTime with a given contact. The ease and efficiency of FaceTime have made many users desire to use it on other platforms like Chromebook.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to use FaceTime on Chromebook because Apple has not yet made the application cross-platform.

Chromebook being a Google OS, it cannot use FaceTime, but you can use other alternatives to video chat.

Apple had the idea of making FaceTime a cross-platform app, but it was prevented in a lawsuit by VirtNetX. Until the patent rights of VirtNetX expire, Apple cannot proceed to make FaceTime usable on devices like Chromebook.

Still, if you use FaceTime, you must find an Apple device to access the software. But, if you want to use Chromebook, you can use the best FaceTime alternatives explained in the following section.

Best Alternatives To FaceTime on Chromebook

Because FaceTime cannot be used on Chromebook, it doesn’t mean you cannot do a video chat on a Chromebook.

You can use numerous alternatives in the market, and the good news is that most of them are cross-platform, meaning they can be used on Apple devices, Google, and other devices without restrictions.

Below are some of the best FaceTime alternatives on a Chromebook.

Alternative #1: Zoom


Zoom has established itself as the most used video-conferencing application.

During the COVID pandemic, Zoom was the best alternative for companies, colleges, and other organizations that wished to hold large video chat sessions.

Depending on the purpose of your video chats, you can subscribe to a paid Zoom or use the free version. Moreover, Zoom allows you to enter into a video chat with several participants.

Alternative #2: Skype


Skype is an instant communication software by Microsoft.

Skype has convenient features and allows users to do various things like making voice calls, sharing live screens, chats, and video calls to which up to 100 people can participate.

Moreover, Skype is cross-platform and affordable. The only requirement you need is a great internet connection.

Alternative #3: Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is an excellent video-conferencing application that allows you to do video conferences for free.

The software is suitable for large companies and will enable you to schedule meetings on Google Calendar for reminders.

Before exploiting the features of Google Meet, you must sign up for a Google account.

Also, Google Meet allows you to add up to 250 participants and 10,000 viewers on a live stream.

Alternative #4: Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo is another suitable alternative to FaceTime.

Google designed Google Duo to enable users to do video calls for free. Like Apple has FaceTime, and Microsoft has Skype for video calls, Google developed Google Duo to serve the same purpose.

The applications offer high-quality video call services, which can be utilized on Chromebook and other devices, including all iOS devices.

The advantage of Google Duo is that it can run on any OS and offers the highest-quality video calls.


FaceTime has proved to be an efficient application for video calls on iOS devices.

Although Apple intended to make FaceTime cross-platform, it was unsuccessful, meaning you cannot use FaceTime on Chromebook.

But if you wish to use an application that works like FaceTime, read this post to discover the best five alternatives you can use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FaceTime on my Chromebook?

No. Chromebook is an OS developed by Google; currently, it is impossible to use FaceTime on the OS. FaceTime is used on Apple devices only. Although Apple intended to make FaceTime cross-platform, it has not yet achieved its aim.

Which is the best alternative for FaceTime on Chromebook?

You can use numerous alternatives on Chromebook, like Google Meet, Duo, Zoom, and Skype. You can choose from the mentioned applications depending on the features you wish to utilize.

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