How To Delete Old YouTube Account

How To Delete Old Youtube Account

YouTube is a great application, but it reaches a point where you want to delete an old account. You may have many accounts and want to reduce them to avoid confusion, and deleting them will help you achieve your aim.

Deleting an account will mean you lose access to it, and it will appear as if it never existed. This post has explained explicit steps to delete an old account.

Quick Answer

To delete an old YouTube account, log into YouTube Studio on a browser. Click “Settings” from the left sidebar, choose “Channel,” then “Advanced Settings.” Click “Remove YouTube content” and enter your credentials if prompted. Choose “I want to permanently delete my content” and check the appropriate boxes. Finally, click “Delete my account” to complete the process.

Deleting an old YouTube account may sound hectic, but it is easier than you think. This post has explained if it is important to delete an aged YouTube account, the steps of achieving that, and answered frequently asked questions. Let’s start!

Is It Important To Delete an Old YouTube Account?

It reaches a point where you may need to get rid of your old YouTube account. Someone may wonder if editing the account is a good option or not.

Before you start deleting the account, it is important to learn that deleting the account means you won’t access any of your videos or any content. Thus, it is important to consider an option like hiding the account so you can later access its contents when needed.

But, if you are sure that you no longer want the content you have posted on the old account, deleting the account will help you achieve that.

Deleting an old YouTube account means it will be harder to recover it in the future. Therefore, it is important to know your actions before undertaking them.

How To Delete an Old YouTube Account

Currently, one cannot delete an old YouTube account on a mobile device but can do so through a browser on a computer. Deleting your accounts permanently means losing your videos, comments, history, and playlists.

The following steps will enable you to delete your YouTube account.

  1. Access YouTube Studio and sign in.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Click “Channel” and open the “Advanced settings” tab.
  4. Click the “Remove YouTube content” option at the bottom.
  5. Enter your password if prompted and click “Next.”
  6. Choose the “I want to permanently delete my content” option.
  7. Check the boxes where Google shows the actions behind the deletion.
  8. Click the “Delete my content” button and confirm your action.

Once you complete the above steps, showing that the account has been deleted will take time. Moreover, you must note that your old YouTube URL will disappear, and the Channel’s name will not be found in searches.


Deleting a YouTube account is necessary when you no longer want to associate with it. This guide has explained the steps for deleting your old account on YouTube and answered important questions regarding deleting a YouTube account!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete a YouTube account without email?

When deleting a YouTube account, you may be asked for your password to complete the steps. That means it may be hard to complete the steps if you don’t know the password and you don’t have access to the email you used to open the account.

How do I delete my old YouTube account?

Deleting an old YouTube account is easy; you can achieve it from a browser. Open YouTube Studio settings, click “Channel,” and open the “Advanced Settings” tab. Choose the “Remove YouTube content” option, enter the password, and finish the process.

Is hiding a YouTube account the same as deleting it?

Hiding a YouTube account works like deleting it because you won’t access the comments and videos you posted. But, if you wish to access the content on your Channel later, hiding will enable you to achieve that. On the other hand, deleting erases everything, meaning your channel name won’t appear in search queries.

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